Ms. Stone [1] is the current Deputy Mayor of New York City.


IDW Comic Series

The Mayor met with his Deputy Mayor Ms. Stone and Walter Peck to discuss Janine Melnitz's team of Ghostbusters and the out of control population of ghosts plaguing the city in the original Ghostbusters' absence. Amid the mounting complaints, the Mayor was willing to accept Peck's proposal of using Janine's team. Stone objected because she found a laser-toting secretary an embarrassment. She proposed they recruit from the police and fire fighters. Peck pointed out she would know already he looked into it if she read his report. Stone relented they could still find others more suitable for the job. However, Peck had won the Mayor over with an addendum that allowed the city to make money off of any new Ghostbuster through licensing and merchandising.


IDW Comics


  1. Walter Peck (2013). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1" (2013) (Comic p.11). Peck says: "If you'd bothered to read any of my reports from my office, Ms. Stone; you'd already know."


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