Ms. Zeigler [1] is a participant in the Ghostbusters' 101 fantasy camp program.


A couple weeks after an incident involving the 101 pilot team and the Interspatial Teleportation Unit, Zeigler tried busting a ghost in a giant cube enclosure at the Warehouse. Jenny Moran demonstrated the basics of using a Particle Thrower then sent her inside. A Soar Throat Ghost was released inside. Zeigler wrangled the ghost. Jenny reminded her to keep pressure on the trigger while she shortened the power supply to the thrower. While Cait Banner complained on her team's behalf about being treated like interns, Zeigler trapped the ghost. She walked to a wall and presented the smoking trap. Jenny told Cait to let her out.


  • Ms. Zeigler is visually based on Florida-based Ghostbusters fan Ziggy Zeigler.
  • Zeigler uses a Proton Pack and Trap visually based on Kenner's The Real Ghostbusters Proton Pack and Trap toys.


IDW Comics


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