Muhkee[1] is a monster doll who belongs to Zara.


Once the Cult of Sahaq realized the Spawn of Sahaq was an infant girl, they deemed their summoning a failure and concluded they weren't favored after all. A doll was left behind by the cult. Zara later named it "Muhkee" and took it everywhere with her. It came with several recorded lines like "I wuv you!" and "Let's play!" Around Zara's second birthday, the Ghostbusters decided to help protect her from Sahaq. Jillian Holtzmann improvised and grabbed the Zara's Mom's hoodie and Zara's Muhkee doll. Holtzmann then tricked Sahaq into thinking it was Zara and he followed her. He reached over the C-7 Trap and was captured. Holtzmann returned Muhkee to Zara. Abby assured the mother that Sahaq wouldn't be coming back. Muhkee suddenly started talking like Sahaq. Holtzmann speculated some of Sahaq's P.K.E. escaped into the doll but assured her it wasn't dangerous.


  • The doll is visually based on Maurice from "Little Monsters".



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