The Munch Crunch Bar [1] is a chocolate bar brand that has caramel and a chewy nougat center.


Public School 52 held a fundraising competition for its students to sell Munch Crunch Bars in order to fund new computer equipment. Two students named Frankie and Len were almost finished selling their share of bars but stopped at a house that turned out to be a ghost named Le Maison. Luckily, one bar was dropped in the parlor. Eduardo Rivera happened to be torturing the fasting Garrett Miller with two Munch Crunch Bars three days later. During an investigation at Le Maison, Eduardo found the bar, with P.S. 52's label on it, and showed it to the others. In the conclusion of the bust, Eduardo snacked on it and continued to tease Garrett.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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