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Murdock is a friend of Egon Spengler and often helps out the Ghostbusters.


Aside from being a friend of Egon's, Murdock is in the teaching profession and recently made tenure. The next year, in the spring, he came to the aid of the Ghostbusters again by flying them from the Firehouse to 550 Central Park West by helicopter. Months later, in November, Murdock flew Egon, Ron Alexander, Dani Shpak, and Lou Kamaka to one end of the Megaspook.

A little after 3 pm on a Friday, the Ghostbusters were alerted of a manifestation on Liberty Island. Due to the events of the dimensional bleed incident, Liberty Island was previously a focused point and suitable choice for Connla's rematerialization. He could continue with his goal to widen the veil to the other side permanently and make night last forever. Murdock flew the Ghostbusters, Kylie Griffin, and Ron to the island in his helicopter. After Kylie shared her findings on Connla's identity, she instructed him to leave the island as soon as possible so that the noise from the helicopter wouldn't impair Connla's ability to hear her even though it meant they would be stranded. Kylie reckoned that would be the least of their problems. He wished them good luck and departed.


  • Murdock is visually based off the character Roger Murdock from the movie "Airplane!" as portrayed by Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.
  • Murdock was skeptical Ray Stantz's Ecto-Gyro could fly and still couldn't believe when he witnessed it do so.
  • On the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1, Murdock's photo is to the right of Janine.