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The Front cover to Issue 1. Provided by Ectocontainment (Fan Site).

The Real Ghostbusters is the America published comic series by NOW Comics that was started in 1988. It was based on The Real Ghostbusters Animated TV Show.

List of Comics

  • Vol. 2 #0 or known as Spectacular 3-D Special

The Real Ghostbusters Starring In Ghostbusters II

The Real Ghostbusters Starring In Ghostbusters II was the title of a 3 part series that tied The Real Ghostbusters to Ghostbusters II. It was made by Now Comics which is an America published comic series.

Re-issues in other Countries

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  • Spook Central has up "NYGB Comicguide section" which is a site that covers the stories and characters of the comics.
  • Ghostbusters Firehouse (Fan Site) has PDFs of the series of Comics at NOW Comics section of the site.
  • GBFans has all pages scanned to all but (last page of comic book 26) and Vol 2 0 (Spectacular 3-D Special), and Annual 1993. They can be found at NOW Comics Article.