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The Real Ghostbusters Starring In Ghostbusters II Part 3 "A Big Date With Liberty" which was the last of three parter of an adaptation of Ghostbusters II from the NOW Comics team which featured The Real Ghostbusters versions of the characters.


Main Cast

Minor Cast

  • Doorman


Based on

Like the second part, this is a adaptation of a Ghostbusters II script, which includes scenes that didn't make it to the final version of the Ghostbusters II film.

Adapted from:

Unfinished/Deleted Pages

During the process of creating the last part of the three part arc the story was changed. Four pages were deleted or altered to fit with the new ending which was the same as the film.

Altered Story

Like the film, the Ghostbusters, Dana, Oscar, and Janoza are shown walking out of the museum after the battle with Vigo. Louis was shown being dropped off by Slimer at Museum only to find that everyone was fine. Jack is released from the Wall of Slime and is happy thinks to the mood slime.

After the New Years Party, Jack and the Ghostbusters discuss about the misplaced Statue of Liberty. The Ghostbusters hand the bill for the job to Jack and Peter notes that he remembers that they were stiffed last time around by the city.

The Ghostbusters and Dana with Oscar are present at Liberty Island for reopening of the Statue of Liberty to the public weeks after the events. The Ghostbusters and Dana talk about their heritages.

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