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Nancy Morrison is an intrepid New York City reporter working for Channel 8.[1]


In 1997, Nancy reported on a dedication of the Crosstown Subway by Mayor McShane and interviewed a construction worker who accidentally released Achira. Nancy didn't believe their claims of a supernatural incident and suggested they inhaled too many exhaust fumes. After the Beth Shalom Synagogue was vandalized, Nancy reported from across the street the next day and mentioned the presence of clay on walls and that the vandals responsible were still at large. Nancy reported at Memorial Hospital on an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease, which was actually Crawlers being produced with human incubators.

On April 7, 1997, Nancy reported live from the U.S. Online Company about an accident that interrupted Internet service to clients nationwide. Some time later, Nancy reported on the erratic weather plaguing the city, which turned out to be caused by the Harasvelg. After a series of power outages plagued the city, Nancy was on the scene at in a subway station when one of the Sub Dwellers was falsely arrested. Eduardo Rivera and Garrett Miller managed to sneak behind Nancy and got to be on the news, much to the dismay of Kylie Griffin. Nancy reported on a mysterious illness plaguing intellectuals and educators around New York City, which turned out to be the work of a Sphinx. She later reported on a world peace conference and about an outbreak of mysterious fumes in the air conditioning system of the United Nations Headquarters.


Nancy doesn't believe in ghosts and isn't above implicitly mocking people who do.


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