The Natural History Museum (also known as American Museum of Natural History) is a museum in New York. It is one of the largest and most celebrated museums in the world


Primary Canon

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

In 1991, Ilyssa Selwyn was selected and recommended by Walter Peck to be a guest curator for a Gozerian mythology exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, set to open sometime during the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend. Ilyssa was working on some finishing touches the night before the opening when a cataclysmic force was unleashed. In reality, the museum was one of four places sacred to Cult of Gozer, as it housed a Mandala that focused the spirit energy to Gozer's Destructor form. The Chairman was the one that served as mandala's core, and thus was the main being behind the outbreak taking place there. Also, the Museum housed a "spirit tunnel" beneath the ground, which served as integral part of mandala.

Secondary Canon History

Legion Mini Series

In 2004, the Ghostbusters were called to the museum on Winston Zeddemore's first day on the team. They dealt with several Pterosaur Ghosts in the Dinosaurs exhibit. Winston threw out several Traps and activated them at once while the others wrangled the ghosts.

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime

In 1954 A.D., two construction workers at the future site of the Parkview Mental Hospital discovered a shard of the Relic of Nilhe. They turned over the shard to the Natural History Museum. Several decades later, Janosz Poha became an employee at the Natural History Museum and later stole the shard for Ismael.

IDW Comics

The "Forgotten Masters", a touring exhibit about the Japanese legend of the Four Masters, stopped at New York City's Natural History Museum. A curator came to the museum on his day off and attempted to put Tomo's Shuriken on display. He smashed the shuriken by mistake and triggered the manifestation of Master Tomo. The curator thought about blaming security. Tomo searched for Takeda's Katana and forced Master Takeda to manifest. Tomo tried to convince him to agree to fulfill the prophecy they received in life from a homeless, blind, and partially dismembered seer. Takeda had no interest in uniting and conquering the world. He wished to avenge his death and attacked Tomo. The Ghostbusters were hired to deal with them and opened fire. Egon wrangled Takeda fairly quickly but Ray and Winston had issues with capturing Tomo. Peter, meanwhile, was overcome with a sense of deja vu. Tomo made his offer to Takeda again as the Ghostbusters opened a Trap. Against his better judgment, Takeda agreed to serve Tomo. Tomo chopped Ray's thrower line, slapped Peter, stomped Winston's left foot, and kicked Egon in the balls. Tomo and Takeda vacated the museum in search of the next master.

Insight Editions

The statue of Rall was damaged while it was being transported to the Natural History Museum. [1] During its public unveiling, Rall emerged from the statue and desired revenge. Rall's presence anthropomorphized the animals of the city but the Ghostbusters captured him by exploiting his vulnerability to sound and restored things to normal.

In the late twentieth century, Dumazu's ghost began to manifest in the dreams of his genetic descendants as a beast-faced demon and demanded the Relic of Nilhe. [2] One of his descendants unearthed the Relic of Nilhe during an excavation in Rhode Island. [3] It was put on display at the Natural History Museum. Soon after, Dumazu's ghosts tried to claim the Relic. It partially manifested by transmogrifying several exhibits and forming them into a substitute body. [4] The Ghostbusters were called in. They attempted to force Dumazu out with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime but it was ineffective. Lotan anticipated a catastrophe and manifested in the skies above the museum. The Ghostbusters adapted and shattered the Relic of Nilhe with a concentrated proton blast which in turn prevented Dumazu from fully crossing over to the physical plane. Dumazu promised to return again then dispersed.



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