Necksa[2] (also known to be spelled as Nexa) is a maritime primal god that attacked New York. He unleashed his children to attack New York and swallowed three of the four Ghostbusters whole, leaving Peter Venkman to save the day.


According to Tobin's Spirit Guide, "Necksa was the lord of the Undines, master of all water elementals, and one of the most powerful of the primal gods."[3] Necksa claims to have slumbered in the deep for thousands of years since before man existed. The currents took Necksa where they would.[4][5]

In the 1980s, during day 12 of one New York's nastiest heatwaves and a water shortage, Necksa awakened in the East River when men laying pipes disturbed him. Disgusted by the filth, Necksa concluded the world was in need of a change and sent the Undines to claim New York for their master.[6] Mayor Lenny hired the Ghostbusters to deal with a haunted city water supply. According to Mayor Lenny, all five Boroughs in New York City were affected. Upon confining a few Undines, the Ghostbusters were surprised when Necksa easily recalled all of them. They realized the controlling entity was in the East River and rented a speedboat. However, the Proton Streams had no effect on Necksa. To compound matters, Necksa never cared for "landling" mortals and sucked in the team. Peter Venkman was luckily blown ashore.

Peter Venkman remembered that standard ghostbusting equipment had no effect on Necksa, so he modified his Particle Thrower to emit microwave particles and cause Necksa great pain. He set out to confront Necksa again at around 10 pm. The device turned out to be a success as Necksa agreed to reason with Peter after two blasts. Necksa then went with his children to find a new home (Peter's suggestion was Antarctica). Egon Spengler, Ray Stantz, and Winston Zeddemore were unharmed and returned aboard the speed boat.

Gender of Necksa

Egon did refer to Necksa as a "he"[7] but there has been confusion as to if Necksa is male or female. The writer of "The Devil in the Deep" J. M. DeMatteis, in his Creation Point blog,[8] officially said Necksa is male.


  • Given that Necksa is referred to as one of the primal gods, this is a term used in the animated series to describe others such as Gozer and Proteus.
  • In Ghostbusters Issue #2 page four, the excerpt on Egon's clipboard are quotes of a line spoken by Necksa.
  • Necksa and Neck (water spirits) are named for the proto-indo-European word, "neig" or German Nix/Nixi/Nyx meaning, "wash."[9]
  • On page four of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #19, Necksa makes a non-canon cameo as one of the forms of Tiamat.


The Real Ghostbusters


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