Nevermore Elementary School is a school located in Chicago, School District 299.


The Chicago Ghostbusters were hired to speak before a classroom of children at Nevermore at 2 pm. The students seemed to expect the original Ghostbusters from New York. Ron Alexander took control and berated the students for taking up their time. Once a Chomp Bar was offered, Ron shifted the speech to a question and answer session. One student, named Nigel, asked if the Bogeyman was real or not. After everyone laughed at Nigel, Ron informed them the Bogeyman was indeed real. The room fell silent. Ron continued and told a story about a Bogeyman but Jason concluded they were full of shit. Ron responding by throwing chairs and the Ghostbusters were escorted out of the school.



  • The school's name is taken from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven"
  • Based on the motif and 2800 address, Nevermore is a stand in for Edgar Allen Poe Elementary School, part of School District 299.
  • The teacher is visually based on Sigourney Weaver.
  • The boy with glasses who refers to Egon and Winston is Matt Prov, of Cross the Streams.
  • The two boys who tease Nigel are based on kids from the 1987 film "The Monster Squad"


IDW Comics


  1. Special Agent Melanie Ortiz (2013). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #11" (2013) (Comic p.5). Melanie says: "Y'know, there was a thing under the bed trying to take a little girl a few weeks ago and your guy in Chicago sent a report about a "Bogeyman" sighting at a school."


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