The New York City Public Library was the location of the first ghost encounter. It is located at the intersection of Fifth avenue and West 42nd street in downtown New York City.


Primary Canon

The Real Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters were frequent patrons of the New York City Public Library. Of the four, Egon Spengler checked out the most books. One of the librarians also flirted with Egon. On one such visit to the library, Egon was unable to locate "Spirit Summonings and Conjurations," "Lochmore's Guide to the Lower Regions," and the latest volume of "Who's Who and What's That." All were checked out by a deranged man named Cubby. When the Ghostbusters were recruited by Morganon to reverse Cubby's deal, Egon returned to the library and got Cubby's address from the librarian who liked him.

The English translation of the Necronomicon was set to be on display from a Monday to Friday at the library with special permission from the book's owners, Miskatonic University. Sometime after 6 pm, on a Saturday night, a Spawn of Cathulhu broke in, stole the tome, and scared a security guard. The next morning, the Ghostbusters were called in to investigate the theft.

Slimer became enamored with a book of fairy tales borrowed from the library. However, while reading it one night to Slimer, Ray Stantz discovered the book was two days overdue. In fear, Slimer hid the book under a machine in the basement of the Firehouse. This machine was a device meant to turn ethereal matter to solid for easier trapping. Accidentally turned on, it began to solidify famous fairy tales. Slimer then flew the book back to the library and placed it back on a shelf in the Reading Room, scaring a librarian in the process. Soon enough, the Ghostbusters learned the truth. Egon, Ray, and Slimer returned to the library to get the book and used it to reverse the accident.

A ghost assumed the form of the Jabberwocky after haunting an Alice in Wonderland display at the New York City Public Library.[1] The Ghostbusters and Slimer chased the ghost from the library down to the middle of 16th Street and trapped it.[2] James Moriarty visited the library to drain evil energy from its collection of crime novels in order to solidify and became a real person.

After the Ghostmaster came after the Ghostbusters personally, Egon and Ray lugged some of the Ghostbusters equipment to the library. After going through several books and kicked out, they discovered the Ghostmaster's entry in "Who's Who in the Spirit World." They then devised an intricate trap outside the library to capture the weakened Ghostmaster without compromising their equipment.

Extreme Ghostbusters

In 1997, Egon and Eduardo Rivera visited the library to conduct research on Antonio Garibaldi and discovered his book "Principia Mathematica." It detailed his fateful encounter with the entity known as Luko. The library was also visited by the Sphinx. It drained the patrons of their intellectual energies. The Extreme Ghostbusters arrived too late and saw victims strewn about the reading room.

Secondary Canon

Dimension 68-E

In pursuit of Animal Possessors, Egon and the Extreme Ghostbusters stopped in front of the New York Public Library. Egon realized Nervous Nelly was an old flame of Peter and called him for intel on her.

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