New York State University [1] (also known as The University) [2] is a university located in New York.


Egon Spengler and Edward Kirillian worked together at the University but over time Kirillian's theories became increasingly dangerous. The two had a falling out and Kirillian lost his job soon after. [3] [4] In 1982, both Egon Spengler and Ray Stantz were kicked out of the University for trying to reanimate the dead. [5]

In 1997, the Sphinx entered the Department of Philosophy building and attacked Professor Barthes. The Ghostbusters investigated and took readings and samples. A Biology graduate student named Sajid inadvertently awoke the spirit Shanbahac from a lab in the third floor of the Biology Department building. It took root in a terrarium and overrun the entire building. It was completely evacuated except for Sajid, who was encased in a pod by Shanbahac. The Extreme Ghostbusters arrived and entered, except for Garrett Miller, to retrieve Sajid. However, once Shanbahac left the building, the plants began dying and the building started to collapse. They barely escaped in time with Sajid.

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  • Roland Jackson was interested in transferring to New York State University someday. [6]


Extreme Ghostbusters


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