The New York Subway Specters are the ghosts of grisly train-impact-related incidents.


The New York subway system accumulated an impressive number of ghosts over the years. The most common origin of these ghosts are victims of accidents, murder victims, and suicides. In most cases, the ghost anchored themselves to a spot in a tunnel, station or train of their choosing and remained invisible. It was determined the spot was where they felt relatively at peace. [1] Due to the constant waves of commuters, the specters resorted to creating minor electrical disruptions like flickering lights or rapid battery loss, or emanating a creepy vibe until the commuter leaves. In extreme cases, the specter became visible and threw a tantrum essentially. A consequence of their manifestations was an increase in tourists seeking them out.


The New York Subway Specters can turn invisible and visible at will and influence minor electrical disuptions in technology. [2]


The New York Subway Specters vary in class but most often are Class 1 or Class 3 and are anchored to locations. [3]



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