No-Ghost Sign

The No-Ghost Sign has been being used for the franchise in one form or another since it started with the first film in 1984. It was Designed by Michael C. Gross and is based on a no sign in Europe.


The logo design is loosely based on the no signs of Europe. While Europe had the logo to the upper left, the rest of the world had the logo to the upper right.


Harvey Famous Cartoons sued Columbia Pictures over the use of the emblem, which bears some resemblance to "Fatso"[1], one of the characters in Casper's ghostly trio. The suit was for 50 million[2], plus the destruction of all Ghostbusters film prints, however it was dropped in 1986. [3]



Ghostbusters IIEdit

The logo was redesigned for the second film to giving it a different identity from the first film. The animated logo seen in the first chapter of the film shows it having both legs, which wasn't quite the same as the design used later in the film which had the ghost not showing it's right leg at all.

The Real GhostbustersEdit

Like the movies the No-ghost sign is used all throughout the series. However, the Icon Ghost is shown in the first and second intros, bumpers, and The Real Ghostbusters Pilot.

For more info on the Icon Ghost, click here.

Political PromotionsEdit

During the 1984 election year in America many campaign buttons, shirts, stickers, were made based loosely on the no-ghost logo. Many of them were anti a rival such as Reaganbusters and Fritzbusters.


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All four screen caps are from animated short "Fright from Wrong" by Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios.