Nurtog was an evil Tyrannosaurus Rex-like being that killed and ate many people in his homeland. One survivor of his reign, Spike, escaped and enlisted the help of the Ghostbusters to defeat Nurtog. As it turns out, Nurtog had been asleep for eons and was controlling a mental image of himself. When Nurtog woke up, he was revealed to have weakened over the countless years of not using his body. He later ended up in a cave-in, but was revealed to be alive and well at the end of the story. When he managed to escape his imprisonment, he took Spike as his prisoner and interrogated him. The Ghostbusters, with help from Doc Hazzard, tried to defeat Nurtog, but instead succeeded in enabling him to go to New York. Fortunately, the Ghostbusters were able to send Nurtog's minions back to where they came from. Without his powers, Nurtog then revealed his severely aged form and crumbled to dust, now no longer a threat.


Nurtog can create and control a mental image of himself that has many powers, such as strength and speed.


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