The Nut House[1] is a bar in the Upper East Side of New York City in Dimension 68-E.


The ghost of Nervous Nelly and the Animal Possessors possessed animals at the Central Park Zoo then occupied the Nut House to celebrate their "new life." Egon Spengler realized Nelly was an old flame of Peter Venkman and called him for intel on her. He recalled she was a drinker and told him the Nut House was a watering hole she frequented. Kylie Griffin peeked inside and confirmed the ghost were inside. Eduardo Rivera noted they looked pretty tame and happy and suggesting making the bar the new zoo. Egon pointed out the bar owner would not take kindly to the suggestion then noted Nervous Nelly was the real problem. Nelly heard him from atop the chandelier and vowed to teach them some respect. Egon countered her animal rights colleagues and peers felt she lacked it and stated she was kicked out of every legitimate animal rights group for being too extreme and radical then got killed by her own explosives. Nelly admitted that was a stupid death but she believed no one was willing to accept the righteousness of her cause.

Nelly transmogrified the possessed animals and directed them to kill the Ghostbusters. Egon reminded everyone to aim for Nelly. A transmuted bear and Garrett Miller fought each other. One of the possessors, Gary, refused to kill anyone and recalled that wasn't part of the deal. Kylie inquired what he meant by a "deal." Gary explained if the possessors helped Nelly, they would get a second chance at life. Eduardo got an idea. He asked Kylie to cover him and he took off his Proton Pack. Garrett punched the bear. Eduardo put his hands up and told Nelly he was on her side. She naturally thought it was a trick. Eduardo convinced her he thought she was right about man's inhumanity and lack of empathy. He used the example of how people would feel if they had to spend their lives locked up in cages. She agreed. Eduardo then asked how people would feel if a ghost took possession of their bodies against their will then changed into a raging monster. Kylie snagged her with a Proton Stream. Eduardo persuaded her to make things right if she cared about the animals. Nelly left the red panda's body and all the possessors left their host bodies, too. Egon asked Eduardo how he knew that would work but he pointed out there was now a bar full of wild animals to deal with.




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