Officer Al[1] is a New York police officer who often runs into the Extreme Ghostbusters with his partner, Officer Frank.


Officer Al and his partner responded to a call from Vinnie's Club, unaware the perpetrator was the Biker Ghost. They ducked a pair of animated knives. Garrett Miller arrived on scene and offered to take over. Al didn't recognize Garrett at the time and warned him it was a dangerous situation. They later arrested Egon Spengler in connection with the robbery of First National Bank even though they believed he was innocent. They later met with the conductor who had his mouth stolen by Duophanes but were unable to take a statement. They soon responded to reports of a woman stuck in a baby's body.

Officer Al was on site at U.S. Online Company when the Extreme Ghostbusters were looking around. When Jack Stone arrived and declared the case was now under federal jurisdiction, Al was forced to usher the Ghostbusters out. Some time later, Al and Frank happened past Jon's Groceries. Frank was infected by a tomato tainted by Ravana. After some struggling, Al neutralized Frank by tackling him from behind.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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