Officer Stevenson was a police officer with the New York Police Department. He appears in 2016 movie.


Officer Stevenson arrived at Zhu's Authentic Hong Kong Food after Martin Heiss was thrown out the window by Mayhem. He asked the Ghostbusters who threw Heiss out the window. Jillian Holtzmann replied a ghost threw him out the window. Stevenson remarked if she meant like Patrick Swayze and asked if he was sitting behind her, making some pottery. Abby Yates sarcastically confirmed it was like Swayze. She added they were all dancing at a summer camp in the Catskills, then they sat down, and he was behind her, and they made a vase. Erin Gilbert realized she combined Swayze movies. She remembered "Road House" was a good one. Abby confessed she loved "Road House." Erin remembered "Point Break." Abby reminisced. Erin cited the ending with the big wave. Abby recalled he was a ghost in that movie, too. Erin contended that was ambiguous. Sirens blared. Two black GMC SUVs drove into the yellow tape and snapped it. Patty Tolan stated Swayze didn't die at the end. Stevenson was annoyed and asked the agents who they were. Agent Hawkins and Agent Rorke flashed their Department of Homeland Security badges. Hawkins stated it was official business and took over custody of the four Ghostbusters. Stevenson couldn't believe it. Stevenson was one of the police officers dispatched to Times Square after Rowan North broke the barrier between the World of the Living and the World of the Dead but like the others, he was immobilized and forced to copy Rowan's dance moves.


It was clear that Stevenson was not having any of "the ghost did it," as he viewed it as non-sense.


  • Officer Stevenson's cap indicates his badge number is 80392.
  • Officer Stevenson's collar pin indicates he is with the 27th precinct.


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