The Ogre was a grotesque ghost that haunted a government lab. Walter Peck called the Ghostbusters in an attempt to get them arrested as he believed that there weren't any ghosts at the site. However, there actually was a ghost there and the Ghostbusters succeeded in capturing it.


For two days, a Class 5 manifested at a government research facility in Queens.[2] Specifically, it sabotaged a centrifuge in Testing Lab 5 without making itself known. It was only by coincidence that Walter Peck set up the Ghostbusters on a phony job that forced the entity to reveal itself at all.

Egon Spengler initially picked up a strong reading with the P.K.E. Meter then Ray Stantz registered a Class 5 with the Specter Detector.[3][4] The entity appeared and kidnapped Slimer. However, while trying to fly off, it rammed into Peck, Calahan, and several military police. The Ghostbusters caught up to it and trapped it.



The Real Ghostbusters


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