The Ogre Knights are Ogres[2] from the Realm of Fantasy who serve Orlox.[3]


In search of the Last Dragon, two Ogre Knights arrived in the Firehouse basement. They smelled the dragon and spotted its tail behind the Containment Unit. Slimer whisked the dragon upstairs and tried to warn Janine Melnitz. The Ogres teleported atop her desk. Janine tripped them up then sounded the alarm. However, they took Janine hostage and returned to the Realm of Fantasy. Orlox was not pleased with their lack of progress but turned his attention to visitors outside, the Ghostbusters. After Orlox was trapped, the Ogres turned to stone.


Egon Spengler refers to the entities as Class 5's.[4]


The Ogre Knights have the power to teleport locally and between the physical plane and Realm of Fantasy.


The Real Ghostbusters


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