The Olive Manager is the manager of The Olive in Las Vegas.


During renovation at The Olive, a Vegas Ghost manifested and began to cause trouble. Management was able to keep the ghost a secret for almost a year. In the following summer, the manager wanted to get rid of the ghost before the hotel acquired a reputation for paranormal activity. He called the Ghostbusters and offered a free trip in exchange for catching the ghost in a discreet manner. Winston Zeddemore asked the standard questions inquiring if the ghost was docile and if it could affect its environment. He even told the manager it was okay to answer with an "I don't know" but the manager was sure the ghost couldn't do anything other than hand around. Winston warned him answering truthfully or not would make a big difference. The manager stuck to his answer and signed a work order that attested to his statement of the ghost being benign and it was being removed as a convenience.

After a ruckus on the second floor and trapping the ghost, Winston met with the manager in his office. The manager was livid and threatened to sue the Ghostbusters for Winston's lack of discretion. Winston fired back and gave him two choices: call it even or Winston releases the ghost for breach of contract and the Ghostbusters sue for withholding information on a work hazard. Winston called the manager out on knowing it wasn't as benign as he led Winston to initially believe. The manager caved in and called it even.


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