The Olympia Restaurant Ghosts are three ghosts of restaurant staff.


Three ghosts of a waiter, waitress, and cook started appearing at The Olympia Restaurant in the Bronx. They would refuse to accept orders, ask who was next, and flung either meat emanations or objects at people. Janine Melnitz lacked three Ghostbusters to assign to the case and put it on the back burner. When Special Agent Melanie Ortiz was in town between FBI investigations, she asked Janine to borrow Egon Spengler and Kylie Griffin for a new case. Janine made the best of things. She gave Melanie two cases to work with Egon and Kylie while she was in New York for the day. While they were on the job, she could ask them directly for their assistance. Melanie quickly became irritated with the Olympia ghosts' limited responses and opened fire. The ghosts scattered. Egon prematurely blasted the cash register but Melanie jinxed it. The cook emerged from the register and spit coins at them. Melanie wrangled the ghost and Egon trapped it. Melanie was eager to end the case and get Egon and Kylie's assurance they'd help her. The remaining two ghosts re-appeared above them.


The ghosts are Class 5 entities. [1]


  • The Olympia Restaurant is based on on a Saturday Night Live "Olympia Cafe" sketch that featured the late John Belushi.
  • The ghosts are visually based on John Belushi, Laraine Newman, and Dan Aykroyd
    • Belushi portrayed Pete Dionasopolis, the owner of the diner
    • Newman portrayed Sandy, a waitress, from the sketch in season 3 episode 14 (originally aired on March 18, 1978)
    • Aykroyd portrayed George Dionasopolis, a cook and Pete's first cousin, seen in the sketch season 3 episode 11 (originally aired on January 21, 1978)
  • The ghosts repeatedly yelled, "Cheeps!"
    • In the Saturday Night Live Olympia sketch, "Cheeps" was chips - one of only 3 things that could be successfully ordered off the menu.


IDW Comics


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