Orlox[2] is an evil wizard from the Realm of Fantasy, the ectoplasmic equivalent of fairy tales.


Orlox planned to capture the Last Dragon and use her heart in an evil potion to make himself invincible so he could rule the Realm of Fantasy forever.[3][4] The Ogre Knights failed to capture the dragon and kidnapped Janine Melnitz instead. Orlox posted an offer that any knight who can capture the dragon would be given Janine.

The Ghostbusters entered his world and disguised themselves as knights. However, when Slimer dropped a trap, he attacked them. The team are forced to use full neutrona with maser assist.[5] Even then, Orlox was still able to resist until Slimer distracted him. The Ghostbusters barely confined Orlox in four Proton Streams, at which point Slimer trapped him. Upon being trapped, several things happened: Orlox's cauldron disintegrated, the ogre minions turned to stone, and the area around his fortress changed to match the natural environment of the Realm of Fantasy.


Being a sorcerer, Orlox is able to cast spells and has magic powers. He can teleport, raise the land, fly, and shoot energy blasts from his staff.


Orlox is very tyrannical and wishes to rule the Realm of Fantasy.


The Real Ghostbusters


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