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Orrefors (also known as Orrefors Crystal Gallery) is a high end glassware store.


Close to New Years 1989, Orrefors experienced a P.K.E. storm. As a result, some of the gallery's very expensive glassware suffered a straight polarity reversal and floating in place. The Ghostbusters were called in to rectify the problem. They entered the store with several cases and Egon Spengler had the Giga meter. Several Polarity Rectification Tripods were set up around the floating fine crystals. Each of the Ghostbusters wore Ray Ban sunglasses. Peter Venkman looked over at a female employee. Egon gave the signal. The devices were triggered and purple beams were projected. They turned away. While they solved the problem, the glass simply fell to the floor and shattered.

Known Employees


  • In the November 27, 1988 draft of Ghostbusters II
    • On page 63 to 64, a case takes place in a Steuben Glass Store. Ray Stantz and Peter talk to the manager while Egon and Winston set up an array. Ray tells the manager the case is a straight polarity reversal and some kind of P.K.E. storm had blown through and affected the silicon molecules in the glass.[2] After the crystals crash on the floor, Ray asks the manager if he will pay by cash or check.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft, the glass store is now Orrefors.
  • The Orrefors scene took a "really long" time to film.[3]
  • The shot of the Ghostbusters jogging into Orrefors was indeed the exterior of Orrefors Crystal Gallery was at 58 East 57th Street in New York City.
  • The Orrefors case was added to feature a case that showed the Ghostbusters dealt with other supernatural occurrences, too, rather than just ghosts. In practical terms, it also helped save on the budget.[4]
  • The psychokinetic energy storm at Orrefors was devised by Chuck Gaspar. Initially, Gaspar wanted to drill holes but the process cracked the crystal. Instead, he glued pieces of piano wire to the backs of 16 crystal objects. Joe Day and other crew pulled the crystal off-screen with a pulley system. In order to test the system, pieces were set up a week prior to scheduled shoots and left hanging. The biggest issue was the pulleys squeaking. Gaspar went up to the scaffolding and sprayed them with lubricant.[5][6]
  • In the movie's original trailer, at the 2:04 mark, Egon uses a a device to scan a pieces of floating crystals inside Orrefors. It was deleted from the actual movie.[7]
  • In the movie's second trailer, available in the Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II 4K release, at the 1:49 mark, there is a slightly longer snippet in the Orrefors scene not in the movie when Egon says, "Now," then the tripods are triggered.
  • The shot of the Ghostbusters jogging back to Ecto-1a later on in the montage was filmed at the East 57th Street side of the building across the street from Orrefors in New York City.[8]



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