Oslo is the capital of Norway.


While the Ghostbusters went after the Rauoskinna in Bishop Gottskalk Nikulausson's hidden tomb in Iceland, Erland Vinter and Loftur Þorsteinsson waited in the former's office in Oslo. After the Ghostbusters secured the book, Loftur told Vinter to change his orders and let them leave Akureyri with the book. Vinter passed the new orders on to his operative in Oslo, Gunnar. Vinter snapped at Gunnar not to question him. Loftur noted his frustration. Vinter admitted he didn't understand why the initial plan was changed and made more complicated by attacking Egon Spengler. Loftur admitted he was impatient then snapped Vinter's neck but left him clinging to life. Loftur culled Vinter and took over his body. He called Vinter's assistant Astrid and asked her to schedule a trip to New York.



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