Ozzy Osbourne was the singer of the band that was supposed to follow Beasts Of Mayhem. Ozzy appears in the 2016 movie.


Ozzy Osbourne signed on to be the headline act for Rock Revenge Fest New York City XIV, a 12 Hour marathon of Metal. Ozzy Osbourne and his the band was scheduled to follow Beasts Of Mayhem. However, after he watched the Ghostbusters trap Mayhem during the Beasts' performance, he became upset backstage.


  • Oddly, Ozzy Osbourne was not on the Ghostbusters soundtrack even though he appeared in the movie.
  • On August 6, 2015, it was reported Ozzy Osburne was at Boston's Citi Wang Theatre, portraying the front man of a metal band in the "Rock Revenge Fest featuring Ozzy Osbourne" as part of a "12 Hour Marathon of Metal."[1]
  • The Ghostbusters' bust has different reactions from Ozzy based on which version is played:
    • In the theatrical edition, Ozzy yells for Sharon, his wife, and thinks he's having another flashback.[2]
    • In the extended edition, Ozzy calls the Ghostbusters wankers for "copying" something his old band Black Sabbath already did back in 1974.[3]
      • Incidentally, Black Sabbath performed at California Jam, a rock music festival, in Ontario, California on April 6, 1974.



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