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The P.K.E. Meter functioned just like in the movie, and was used all the time to track down ghosts, demons, and supernatural events. One bad side effect to it was it could explode if exposed to a very big supernatural event. In "Ghosts R Us" the P.K.E. Meter can tell how intelligent a ghost is. A specialty calibrated meter is kept on hand to keep a census on the ghosts in the Containment Unit.


The Real Ghostbusters

Over the years, the P.K.E. Meter was adjusted to do more than detect the paranormal. While on the hunt for the Boogieman, Ray suggested they adjust the P.K.E. Meter to detect potential vibrations given off by the entity's portals.[1] When they were in Hollywood, the Ghostbusters lost their Proton Packs. Egon Spengler adjusted the P.K.E. Meter and a spare to pick up the particle beam energy of the Proton Packs.[2]

Forced to venture into the New Jersey Parallelogram, the Meter's polarity was reversed so it could be set to detect reality and find the MS Applegon crew.[3] The polarity could also be reversed in order to send out a distress signal only ghosts could hear.[4] While searching for Janine Melnitz, who was kidnapped by henchmen of the Crimelord, Egon adjusted the Meter to pick up Janine's specific bio-rhythm.[5] In two instances, the P.K.E. Meter could adjusted while the Ghostbusters were in the Netherworld. Egon set it to high gain in order to detect the Shears of Fate.[6] In the second, Ray adjusted his P.K.E. Meter to focus on Egon's ethereal vibrations after he was shifted to the Netherworld.[7] In a similar fashion, the Meters were set to infinity to detect Marduk without getting false positives from psychic background noise and local specters.[8] While the meter could pick up ghosts, demons, and gods in its standard calibration, it would have to be adjusted to detect undead such as Vampires.[9] It could detect a corporeal being like the Boogieman, who registered negative readings with a valence of minus nine.[10][11] The Gingerbread House, also a solid manifestation, also gave off negative readings.[12][13]

In addition to detection, the P.K.E. Meter was also used as a deterrent. Egon adjusted the sound on the Meter to a frequency painful to human ears within a close proximity.[14] In a race against time, Egon adjusted four P.K.E. Meters to only pick up the energy field of the Makoveris Lotsabucks in order to locate her before Janine was changed for good.[15] As of the Tokyo case in the early 1990s, the P.K.E. Meter was able to detect psychomagnotheric residue.[16]

Extreme Ghostbusters

The Extreme Ghostbusters used the original P.K.E. Meters in their investigation of the ancient tunnel at the site of the Crosstown Subway. Due to the ghosts in New York getting stronger, the P.K.E. Meters had to be redesigned to be stronger like the rest of the equipment. The design was somewhat altered for the newer version. Rather than having an antenna on top that put two side wings, the top has two smaller antennas that had a focused electric wave flowing between them. During the Lotan case, Egon attempted to study Maiikrob's vitals with a stethoscope-like extension hidden in the rear of his P.K.E. Meter. Maiikrob swatted the Meter away before it could be used. A Tilt Table P.K.E. Scanner also utilized a P.K.E. Meter for its full body scans but was a silver color like the device itself.

Secondary History

IDW Comics

With the Giga meter broken during the Unknown Soldier Ghosts' escape from a police station in Paris, Ray Stantz retrieved a P.K.E. Meter, left behind by a version of the guys from a parallel dimension, from the Ghostbusters' hotel. The meter immediately detected the stolen Poveglian Artifact after they entered the Louvre Museum. Cait Banner used the meter to scan Jenny Moran during a lecture. Egon from Dimension 68-R and Roland from Dimension 68-E used both their P.K.E. Meters to help confirm Liberty Island was cleared of Connla's Army. After taking readings inside the Wander Hills Orphanage, Egon 68-R came to the conclusion that it and Ellen Gold, the ghost that conjured it, shared her P.K.E. signature and thus, had a weakness. He told the others to blast at the building with their Particle Throwers adjusted to the right frequency and proper power setting to disorient Ellen.


Like most equipment shown in the pilot, the P.K.E. Meter was altered later. Interestingly enough, even in the storyboards to "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood" the design was used.[17] The design was more of a box without a handle to hold it. There is one large dial on the front.[18]




Secondary Canon

IDW Comics


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