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The P.K.E. Meter & Paragoggles is an important part to ghostbusting as it helps detect paranormal activity.

The P.K.E. Meter measures electro-magnetic fluctuations like a divining rod: Point it at psychokinetic energy and it heats up. Point it away and it goes cold. Just follow the signal to your target. Scan ghosts to add their paranormal information to your electronic Tobin's Spirit Guide. The Paragoggles are enabled whenever you use your P.K.E. Meter. They allow you to view otherwise-invisible ectoplasmic activity.

On occasion your Haunt and Ultra-Dimensional Detection interface, or HUDD, will prompt you to activate your P.K.E. Meter. When it does, take out your P.K.E. Meter and Paragoggles - they work in tandem-and follow the readings at the center of your P.K.E. Meter. Red bars indicate a sample is currently active, Blue Readings indicate a degraded sample, such as Cursed Artifacts, and green bars indicate a faint signal. At times your Paragoggles will reveal Ectoplasmic Residue, reducing the need for P.K.E. Meter readings.



Name: P.K.E. Meter Scan Improvement
Category: Detection
Upgrade: Increase Scan Target Size
Desc: Substituting the platinum core of the P.K.E. Meter's detector assembly with a rhodium replacement increases the sensitivity of the P.K.E. Meter's neutron flux level detectors. This expands the P.K.E. Meter's active scan area making it easier to 'frame' good scans of erratically moving entities. Please be aware that rhodium strongly stains human skin so tampering with the P.K.E. Meter's detector assembly in the hopes of liberating this highly valuable exotic metal core for personal use will be noticed and is grounds for a harshly-worded and very sarcastic verbal warning.

This upgrade allows you to scan highly mobile entities much quicker.


Name: P.K.E. Meter Recharge Booster
Category: Detection
Upgrade: Decrease Scan Recharge Time
Desc: Replacing the P.K.E. Meter's magnetron with a miniaturized klystron amplifier not only improves the received scan signal strength but also reduces the intra-scan reset pause resulting in a substantial decrease in the scan recharge time. Also, scanning now releases the refreshing scent of lilacs.

This upgrade allows you to use your P.K.E. Meter to scan entities sooner after having used the P.K.E. Meter once already.


Glenn Gamble worked on the P.K.E. Meter pause menu. It was a separate model, with fake glows and a different screen, from the one used by the player in-game. The reasoning was it was seamless from the player's perspective and also helped in terms of organization.[1]

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