Pagan[1] is Kylie's pet cat. Pagan is a male.[2] He comforts her and she loves him.


Extreme Ghostbusters

In 1997, Kylie attempted to communicate with the ghost of her Great Grandma Rose with the Ghost Beacon. Pagan was alerted by the device and remained on guard when the alleged ghost manifested. He could only watch as Kylie was possessed by Achira.

While talking to Duophanes, Eduardo Rivera wished Kylie would treat him like she did Pagan. Eduardo found his soul trapped in Pagan's body. After being misdiagnosed with worms, Eduardo used a Scrabble set to inform the other Ghostbusters of his predicament. He later saved Eduardo from a Pterodactyl emanation by jumping onto its back and clawing it. He also figured out a way to make Duophanes reveal its true form, a paradoxical wish. Kylie and Pagan were reunited but Eduardo teased the cat told him a lot of things about her.

Secondary Canon History

IDW Comics

Kylie Griffin has a pet cat named Pagan. The two are often inseparable. Kylie takes Pagan with her to work at Ray's Occult Books, where he often sleeps on or near the Featherwell's Stalking Chair. Pagan also accompanied Kylie to the Firehouse and got into a couple shots during the New Ghostbusters photo shoot. After Kylie got a lead on the Ghostbusters' disappearance, she hugged Pagan.

Kylie set off to find a a ghost in her neighborhood, Queens, and suggested to Pagan that he take a nap or something. Pagan was annoyed. Some time later, the ghost entered Kylie's apartment. Pagan awoke and hissed. The ghost gave chase. Pagan ran to a pile of Traps. He hit one of the pedals and trapped the ghost. Pagan returned to his spot on a shelf and went back to sleep. He knocked a mug over for his troubles. Pagan was asleep on a shelf at the Ray's Occult counter when part of the Ghostbusters 101 commercial was filmed.


The cat seems to be a source of comfort for Kylie after her Grandma Rose died. She also seems to like using her cat as excuses to get out of doing things or being someone she doesn't want to be.



Primary Canon

Extreme Ghostbusters

Secondary Canon


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Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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