Pallo Mansion [1] is an old haunted mansion in Morrisville.


The Pallo Mansion is haunted by two ghosts but they never left the property. [2] In their childhood, Ray Stantz, Elaine Phermon, and Alan Favish were scared of the mansion. Years later, after Ray became one of the famous Ghostbusters, he was invited by Morrisville to serve as the grand marshal in their Winged Puma Parade. Around that time, Elaine inherited the Pallo Mansion but she was unable to sell or rent it because of the ghosts. [3] [4]

In a scheme to make Ray look bad and become a hero, Alan Favish used a Magic Spells book to conjure Negative Energy and temporarily empower the Pallo Mansion ghosts. Ray confronted the ghosts but they made short work of him and wrecked the parade festivities after leaving the mansion for the first time. Ray returned to the mansion and was defeated again. The energy wore off and the other Ghostbusters arrived then trapped the ghosts with ease.



The Real Ghostbusters


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