The Pallo Mansion ghosts were a ghostly couple that haunted the Pallo Mansion in Ray Stantz's childhood hometown, Morrisville.[2]


When the aforementioned Ghostbuster visited his old hometown, he is prompted to help his friend, Elaine Phermon to rid a house she inherited of its resident ghosts.[3] Ray was overpowered and humiliated by the Class 2's because Ray's old rival Alan Favish had cast a spell that enveloped the ghosts with negative energy, making regular ghostbusting equipment useless. The Class 2's left the mansion and ruined the Winged Puma Parade. By the time the other Ghostbusters came to help Ray, the spell had worn off, enabling them to easily capture the two ghosts.


When Ray first arrives at the Pallo Mansion, his P.K.E. Meter read the ghosts as Class 2 Mini Wraiths.[4]


When enveloped in negative energy, they became large monstrous versions of themselves and caused a lot of havoc.


In their regular forms, the ghosts were shy and practically harmless. As a result, they never left the mansion.[5] They were pretty fierce in their monster forms. It was also made evident that they can speak when the female Class 2 told her friend to "go for a long one" in the duo's monster forms and the male Class 2 asked the Ghostbusters if they could take a joke right before getting trapped.



The Real Ghostbusters

  • "Look Homeward, Ray"
  • "Xmas Marks the Spot"
    • They are seen among the ghosts inside the Containment Unit, though they are oddly in the monstrous forms they possessed when they were infected by the evil energy.
  • "Robo-Buster"
    • One of the ghosts shown being "destroyed" by Robo-Buster bears a striking resemblance the monstrous form of the female Class 2, except it is colored purple instead of green.


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