The Paper Constructs are weak apparitions who manifest by composing piles of papers together. For strategy on defeating it, go to Checking Out the Library Level (realistic version) article.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

Category: Class VI Transformed Composite

  • Type: Corporeal (dispersible)
  • Behaviors:
    • Attacks: Melee, Range
    • Weaknesses: Shock Blast
    • Special: Can teleport


Drawn inexplicably to old libraries and archives, these malicious apparitions have been known to clothe their insubstantial forms with papers, books, tomes, parchments, and even ancient scrolls in order to manifest in and interact with the mortal world. Paper Constructs seem to be lesser manifestations that are controlled by more powerful entities. If only print was dead!

Contact Protocol:

Don't be fooled by the Paper Construct's limited repertoire of attacks; they can shred you quickly if you don't shred them first. They possess blinding speed and have a tendency to teleport within attacking range when you least expect it. Use your Proton Stream and Boson Darts to fend them off. For a quicker way to deconstruct them, freeze them with your Stasis Stream, then shatter them with a Shock Blast.

Manifestation Point:

  • New York City Public Library



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