According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Human (Ray-and overall, a pretty cool guy; Egon-a very intelligent one; Peter-a dashingly handsome one; Winston-a very down-to-Earth one)
  • Abilities: Ghostbusting, Invention, Wit

Tobin's Summary:

Having mentioned all manner of beasts and paranormal entities that would seek to prey upon humanity's fears and weaknesses, I think it's only fair to mention the beacons of light that shine out in the darkness: paranormal investigator. Not to seem self-aggrandizing, but it takes a certain breed of intellect and resolve to face constant ridicule from other men while relentlessly probing into the secret things that would seek to unmake us. I am not alone in this fight and it is reassuring to know that others may read this and take up the torch as well.

Egon's Notes:

Who's been messing with my copy of Tobin's again? I promise I won't get angry; I just want to know.

I see that you must have gotten bored, Venkman. Do we not have enough work to keep you from pasting our photos into old and potentially priceless tomes?

Very flattering photo, Peter. I don't see your torch, however.

Once again, my research efforts are undermined by Venkman's showboating. I don't doubt our positive impact on the world of paranormal research, but glue-stick really devalues these tomes.

Ray's Notes:

It wasn't me!

It had to be Venkman.

Don't look at me, my money is on Sunshine over there. We've got our eye on you, rookie!

Don't mind these jokers, kid.

Supplemental Data

The art page can be found in Shandor's Island, during the "Through the Good Slimes..." section.

Ray's is hidden inside a locker inside the small side room Black Slime Scuttlers ambush you from on the way to Peter's room.

Egon's is hidden inside a science table on the second floor of the room Egon is being held in.

Peter's is hidden inside a locker on the second floor of the room Peter is being held in.

Winston's is inside an empty cell in the prison area Winston is being held in.


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