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Patty Tolan[1] (also known as Patricia)[2] is one of the four Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie.


Primary Canon

Patty Tolan was a MTA worker and met many "characters" in her line of work, but Rowan North took the cake. Patty often used her shifts to indulge in her hobby of reading about New York's history. One day, Patty tried to strike a conversation with people from her booth as they walked by. But no one talked to her. She tried "good morning," then asked a man how he was doing and if he had a MetroCard, then complimented someone's jacket. She claimed she had the same jacket but realized the person had a sweater. Rowan walked up to her booth. She looked forward and was startled but continued laughing with a smile. She asked him how he was doing. Rowan told her they would always ignore her because they were walking sewage, concerned only with their own trivial matters. Patty was at a loss. Rowan promised when the Fourth Cataclysm began, laborers, such as herself, would be among the last led to the butchery. He advised her to make the most of her extra time. Patty remarked he was just a bundle of joy and told him to have a good day with his crazy ass. She wondered what train he was taking. Patty watched the security monitors and saw Rowan going on the tracks and disappear going down the tunnel. She sighed and reached for a flashlight. Patty stepped down onto the tracks with a Streamlight E-Spot Firebox Flashlight Lantern. She mumbled there was a perfectly nice bathroom upstairs at Starbucks if he had to go so bad. A glass bottle clinked. Patty turned to look. Rowan ran across undetected by her. While searching for him, she found a Hyper-Ionization Device. Patty looked at it then saw a figure up ahead. Patty yelled at him that only subway workers were allowed in the area. The device unleashed huge sparks and exploded into pieces. The man she saw was really the Electrocuted Ghost. Rowan peered out from his hiding place. The ghost growled then turned its head at Patty. Patty was naturally confused. Rowan found it exquisite. Patty told it she was cool. The ghost floated closer to her. She stated she was cool, dropped the flashlight lantern, and ran off.

Patty visited the Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination's headquarters during Kevin Beckman's interview. After he stepped out to get his suitcases, Abby Yates noticed Patty was sitting outside looking at a magazine and informed her she should wait downstairs for takeout. Patty chuckled and admitted she thought the hallway was their waiting room. She recalled the building was built in the same place as the first Chinese gambling den in New York. She abruptly revealed she was chased by a ghost. Abby was caught off guard. She led them through the Seward Street Subway Station and talked about how its history was tied to New York's first prison to execute criminals by the electric chair. The lights flickered off and on. Patty asked them if they saw that. Erin and Abby confirmed they saw it. A spray can rattled near them then sprayed. Patty realized the Graffiti Artist was back and tagging a wall despite her past warning. Abby asked if he was down in the station all the time. Patty quipped he thought it was his art studio. He clarified his studio was in SoHo and the station was more a gallery to him. Abby interjected and asked him if he ever saw a Class 4, semi-anchored entity anywhere in the vicinity. He asked if she was talking about a boat. Annoyed, Patty asked her to speak English. Abby insisted she was being specifically clear. Erin rephrased the question and asked him if he saw a ghost. Abby admitted that was clearer. He confirmed he saw a ghost to Patty's amazement. Erin asked him to describe it. The Graffiti Artist held out his hand to stop her then started spraying. Patty wasn't pleased. Abby wanted him to continue so she could record the visual. Patty insisted she couldn't or she would get fired. Erin added it was very helpful. Patty retorted he wasn't helpful for her. She instructed him to look at her and stop. He looked at her but sprayed one more time. She told him to stop. He sprayed again. Patty stated she didn't want graffiti on her wall. He asked her to confirm she didn't want it on the wall anymore. She repeated herself. He told himself "no ghost" and promised to fix it. He sprayed with another can and declared "no ghosts allowed." Patty grabbed the spray can out of his hand and told him to leave. He headed out the revolving exit nearby and told her goodbye. Patty groaned. It wasn't art to her and she didn't like them encouraging him. She yelled at them to follow her to the tunnel.

Patty informed them they had a limited window for when the next train arrived and warned them against touching the third rail unless they could handle 750 volts. Green Ectoplasm dripped down onto Erin's left shoulder. Patty admitted she should have given them coveralls because the tunnel was unsanitary. Abby realized one don't usually think about the amount of urine smell. Patty confirmed that was pretty much how it was gonna be and it wasn't going to freshen up at all. Abby found scorch marks left by the Hyper-Ionization Device. Patty confirmed that was where she saw the "weird sparking thing." Holtzmann asked what it was. Patty remarked if she knew what it was, she wouldn't have called it "a weird sparking thing." Holtzmann liked how mouthy she was. As they smelled a piece of the Hyper-Ionization Device, Patty reminded them they only had a couple of minutes left. The Electrocuted Ghost was back. Abby asked Patty for some illumination on the ghost. She complied. It looked scarier. Holtzmann walked back to the Proton Box and powered it up. Patty was insistent that was the ghost she saw. Holtzmann outfitted Erin with the Proton Box's thrower and grounding collar. Patty advised them to hurry up. Patty became suspicious and asked them if they caught a ghost before. Erin eventually wrangled the ghost but the strength of the proton stream wasn't enough to keep it in place and it continued flying towards them. Patty alerted them the train was coming and it was time to leave. Abby asked Erin to lure it back on the platform. The Proton Box fell on its side. They pulled Erin to the platform. The train closed in. Patty realized that was the express train, which meant it wasn't stopping at the station. Holtzmann quickly removed the collar. The train rammed the Proton Box and the ghost. The ghost found itself inside the moving train. Patty noted he was headed to Queens and added he was going to be the third scariest thing on that train.

After they failed to hold the ghost indefinitely with the Proton Box, Patty decided to join the Conductors of the Metaphysical Examination. After Abby gave her thoughts on the remnants of the Hyper-Ionization Device, Erin asked what it was that Patty said Rowan told her in the subway. Abby knew what she meant but couldn't remember either. From a booth, Patty told them it was "Fourth Cataclysm." They didn't even know she was there. She joked it sounded like a franchise nobody ever wanted with a fifth movie starring The Rock. Kevin pointed at Patty from his desk and informed them after the fact they had visitor in booth number one. Abby sarcastically thanked him. He was oblivious. The phone rang. Patty announced she was joining the club. Erin tried to tell her it was more a research group but she stopped and asked Kevin to answer the phone. With Kevin on full display, Patty asked them if they hired that big dumb dude. Patty revealed she had a cousin named Mookie who was half as stupid and worked for Vienna sausages.[3] Erin returned to her previous thought and told Patty they were not a club, they were a scientific research group. Patty understood and told them while they knew the science, she read a lot of nonfiction and knew about New York. She added she could borrow a car from her uncle so they wouldn't have lug all their heavy equipment around. Holtzmann loved the idea of getting a car. Patty was confident of her pitch. She was accepted on account of her knowledge of New York's history and access to a car.[4] Abby told her she was in.

Patty left and borrowed a hearse from her Uncle Bill. Patty returned to Zhu's in a black 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse and honked the horn. Abby, Erin, and Holtzmann came outside. Patty quoted Oprah and proclaimed, "You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car!" Abby protested she didn't disclose that the vehicle was going to be a hearse. Patty stated her uncle owned a funeral home, not a Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Erin joked she hoped Patty checked to see there wasn't a body in the back. Patty admitted she didn't know. Abby was surprised she didn't check. Patty insisted she was in a hurry and only checked to see if the car had gas. Abby asked if there was a body. Patty retorted Holtzmann should check. Holtzmann thought of seven good uses of a cadaver right off the bat. Patty stated they had to turn in the body if there was one in there. Holtzmann made a face. Patty told her not to do that. The Mark I Proton Pack was tested by Abby in the alley between Zhu's and its neighbor building. Patty asked Abby if she was comfortable wearing the pack. Abby admitted it was a lot heavier than she expected and she was pretty sure it was compacting her spinal column. Abby fired and blew up the target but the kickback took her across the ground then up into mid-air. Erin and Patty were alarmed. Patty surmised she wasn't bending her knees enough. Holtzmann had the hearse customized without Patty's knowledge and it became the Ecto-1. Patty got an idea to re-purpose some MTA uniforms as the Ghostbusters' official flightsuits.[5]

They settled back inside and ate Papa John's delivery pizza. Patty asked Erin and Abby how they met. Erin answered that Abby transferred to her high school during their junior year and they bonded right away but thought what all the other kids were doing like getting drunk and going to parties was stupid. Erin added they weren't invited to any parties. Abby believed they were terrified of them. Abby remembered something else and walked off to go get it. Patty then asked how they got into ghosts then if one of them saw one before. Erin admitted she did, when she was eight years old, the ghost of her neighbor Gretta DeMille stood at the foot of her bed, just staring at her every night for almost a year. Patty and Holtzmann were surprised. Erin continued and revealed her parents never believed her and sent her to therapy for years, then the kids at school found out teased her, calling her "Ghost Girl." Abby was the only person who believed her. Patty stated kids were mean and told Erin she believed her. Erin thanked her. Holtzmann had some questions. Patty reacted, "Seriously?" Abby returned with a photo of teenage Erin and Abby with a science fair presentation. Patty was amused and kinda wished she could've seen it. Abby hinted she might just get her wish. She ran off exclaiming. Patty regretted speaking out.

Abby and Erin reenacted their high school presentation. Holtzmann thanked Patty for requesting it. Patty was at a loss. They sang about a barrier that served as the last line of defense between the worlds of the living and the dead. Patty admitted she was hating it up until the finale, but the finale was what got her. Holtzmann noticed they were on TV. NY1 dubbed them the "Ghostbusters" and did a piece on the video about the Electrocuted Ghost. Patty was shocked and declared they were famous. Pat Kiernan played a recorded clip with Martin Heiss from the Council for Logic and Data. Heiss didn't think it wasn't real and laughed. Patty declared they were all ghost girls now. Erin refused to wilt and declared they were scientists. Plus Patty. Patty thanked her for the inclusion. Erin stated they believed in provable, physical results. The phone started ringing. Abby agreed. Patty replied "Preach." Erin confirmed that was what she was going to do. She told them they were going to catch a ghost. Kevin eventually answered the phone and told them it was the Stonebrook Theatre and there was a goat on the loose.

Patty announced she modified four flight suits from work so they wouldn't get slimed again. Abby and Erin were pleased. Phil Hudson called out to Erin across from Zhu's on the island in the middle of the street. Patty asked who that was. She asked if that was her boyfriend. Abby didn't think so. Patty remarked he was sexy and imagined he danced real sexy and demonstrated. Abby didn't think his hips moved at all because he was mechanical from the rib cage down. Patty disagreed. Abby demonstrated. Patty contended he got loose and did pop locks. Abby thought it was rigid with a lot of teeth and he thought he was doing you a favor. Patty countered he ripped his V-neck sweater off and got busy. Abby joked, there was another V-neck underneath the first one. They laughed. Holtzmann pulled up in Ecto-1. Abby exclaimed. Patty was shocked at what she did to the hearse. Holtzmann claimed she fixed it. Patty found it inappropriate for a hearse. She couldn't take it back in its current state. Holtzmann and Patty called out to Erin. Abby told Phil not to follow. Holtzmann messed with Erin and drove a few inches forward a couple times when Erin tried to open the door then they departed for Stonebrook. They met Jonathan the Theater Manager as the janitor Fernando was taken away by paramedics. Erin interpreted his Spanish as, "There's a chicken frying itself in the library." Patty didn't believe that was correct at all. Jonathan led them downstairs and explained his encounter with Mayhem.

They split up and searched around. Patty muttered to herself about how she thought they was just joining a book club and they would play some Stevie Nicks albums. She was confident if she saw the two twins from "The Shining," she was going to pass out. Patty entered the Laundry Room and it was filled with mannequins. Patty called it a room full of nightmares and turned around. One of the mannequin's head turned. Patty told herself she had a good job at the MTA. The mannequin followed her around the corner. Patty turned around and saw a mannequin right behind her. She tried to remember if it was there before. She told it not to answer. The mannequin chased her. Patty entered the Wardrobe Room and quickly closed the door and used herself as a barricade. The mannequin kicked a hole in the door near Patty's crotch. Patty screamed then ran over to the others. It kicked its way in through the door. Abby realized the ghost performed a full paranormal transferal embodiment and her and Erin's theories on spectral possession were true. Erin wanted that ghost. They opened fire on the mannequin. Mayhem emerged as they blasted the mannequin. They chased it down the hall and fired at it. Mayhem flew up through the ceiling.

Patty remarked the music was so terrible and it made the ghost more angry. She demanded the Beasts Of Mayhem play something gentle. The Ghostbusters ran onto the stage after Mayhem shoved the lead singer. They opened fire starting with Patty then Erin then Holtzmann and lastly, Abby. Mayhem dodged the streams. Abby told Patty to take one aisle and she would take the far one. Patty and Abby ordered the people to clear the aisle but no one listened. Abby jumped off and had the mosh pit carry her off. She ordered them to move her left then to watch the rings. Patty declared she was about to save them from ghosts then jumped. The crowd stepped aside. Patty landed on her pack between them. Erin oohed. Patty didn't care if it was a race thing or a lady thing, she was mad as hell. She yelled at them to pick her up. Everyone noticed Mayhem was perched on Patty's shoulders. Abby instructed Patty to stay still. Erin tried to tell her. Patty told her she didn't have to tell her anything. Erin kept trying to tell her but Patty refused and told her she really needed her not to tell her anything. Holtzmann insisted. Patty declared she was tired. Erin insisted. Patty proposed she was just going to go ahead and take off. Erin didn't think that was a good idea. Patty walked away. The others called out to her. Patty muttered to herself not to piss off the ghost and told them she was going back to her MTA booth. A couple readied a selfie stick. Patty slowly walked through the crowd but the two crowd members took the selfie with Patty and Mayhem. Patty couldn't believe they did that.

Abby signaled the others to shoot Mayhem. Erin told Patty to stay still. Abby asked everyone not to hit Patty anywhere important. Patty exclaimed. Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann shot Mayhem. It screeched and hopped off Patty's shoulders. Patty fired at it, too. Abby told Holtzmann to open the Trap. She threw it onto the stage and started a three count. Patty exclaimed at Holtzmann. Holtzmann counted down to two and rested her foot above the pedal. Patty yelled at her to open it. Holtzmann quickly counted down to one and stomped the pedal. The Trap opened. She resumed firing at Mayhem then told Erin and Abby they were doing great but asked Patty to try a little harder. Patty ordered the ghost into the Trap. The trap pulled in Mayhem. Holtzmann stomped the pedal. The Trap closed. Patty ran back up to the stage. Erin asked if they caught it. Holtzmann declared they put a ghost in a box. The crowd cheered them on.

Back at headquarters, the Ghostbusters celebrated to DMX's "Party Up (Up in Here)" single. Erin and Patty danced in the lab. Kevin walked to the lab area. They invited him to join in. Kevin started dancing between them. Patty cheered him on. Abby noticed Kevin was dancing too closely to Patty. Patty flatly told him no then eventually walked away. Erin and Kevin were back to back. Erin turned and placed her hands on his hips like a train. Patty laughed. Kevin walked back to his desk. Erin continued dancing and strolled to the others. Abby and Patty laughed. The festivities ended with the arrival of Martin Heiss. He wanted to see the ghost but Abby refused. Erin admitted it sounded like they were making it up, it sounded crazy, and they probably don't really look like legitimate scientists. Heiss contended they only lacked the proper equipment, like a garbage truck to hang on to the back of. Patty cleared her throat and thanked him for stopping by. Erin and Abby debated about opening the Trap. Holtzmann and Patty quickly strapped on their Proton Packs. Heiss got out his camcorder and recorded. Mayhem carried Heiss through the window and dropped him onto the street. They gave their statements to Officer Stevenson but he got sarcastic and asked if it was like Patrick Swayze sitting behind her, making some pottery. Abby answered they were all dancing at a summer camp in the Catskills, then they sat down, and he was behind her, and they made a vase. Erin realized she combined Swayze movies. They got off topic about "Point Break" and disagreed about Swayze's character becoming a ghost at the end. Patty didn't think he died at the end. Agent Hawkins and Agent Rorke flashed their Department of Homeland Security badges and took over the investigation. Rorke told the Ghostbusters they were coming with them. Patty asked why. Hawkins stated the mayor wanted a word with them.

Mayor Bradley revealed they knew the Ghostbusters weren't frauds but they wanted the US government to deal with the ghost problem on their own. Jennifer Lynch, the mayor's aide, added they were worried that they were drawing a lot of attention to themselves. Bradley agreed. Erin noted Patty wore big earrings. Patty admitted if it was a crime to look good, she was guilty as charged. Erin thought they kept a very low profile but Hawkins quickly cited Ecto-1 and its distinctly un-American-sounding siren. Bradley and Lynch explained their plan was to make the public believe the Ghostbusters were frauds to avoid an outbreak of mass hysteria. After they were returned to Zhu's, Holtzmann introduced the others to the Proton Sidearms. She handed the Ghost Chipper to Patty. She revealed its name and that it used hollow-laser technology to suck in a ghost and neutralize it. Patty told Holtzmann she truly scared her. Patty activated it. A trash can tipped over and the Chipper drew in the trash through it. The shredded trash exited the rear of the Chipper and went all over Erin and Abby.

Kevin had no idea the thing that threw out Heiss out the window the other day was a ghost. He proposed a plan to sell the restaurant since they haven't had customers, stepped forward right into the Hydrochloric Acid spilled by Erin, neutralized it with baking soda thanks to Holtzmann's instruction, but he remarked it stank. Patty called him a big, beautiful dummy. The Ghostbusters realized all the places where ghosts were sighted were on Ley Lines. Patty asked what it was. Abby explained it was a hidden network of energy lines that ran across the Earth like a current of supernatural energy. Erin continued that supposedly, by connecting sacred sites and weird events all over the world with the lines, the point of intersection was an unusually powerful spot. Erin realized Rowan was using the devices to charge the Ley Lines and create a vortex. Patty recognized the name of the hotel where the lines intersected and revealed the Mercado had one of the weirdest histories of the buildings in New York. Holtzmann thought she meant it was a standard-issue haunted building. Patty explained its history extended before there was a building. All sorts of massacres happened at that spot. Patty mentioned the peaceful trade between the Lenape Indians and Captain Warren suddenly ended with everybody dying in an instant. Patty stopped and recognized Rowan in the employee photo.

The Ghostbusters went down to the boiler room and confronted Rowan. Rowan tried to resume his plan destroy the barriers but Abby yelled at him to stop and tried to appeal to him by listing the terrific things in the world but she could only think of soup. She asked Patty. Patty shot back there was salad. Rowan turned back to the master machine. Abby yelled at him to stop and informed him the police were already on their way and he was going to jail. Rowan told them goodbye then grabbed hold of two pylons and electrocuted himself to death then his body dropped to the floor face first. Patty was sure he was dead. Holtzmann powered everything down. Patty remarked it smelled like burned bologna and regrets. She gave her statement to the police. She described Rowan as an employee of the hotel dressed in a Captain Kirk-type outfit. Lynch, Hawkins, and Rorke thanked the Ghostbusters. Lynch staged a fake arrest but Ecto-1 was towed for real.

The Ghostbusters walked down the sidewalk away from E 45th Street. Abby declared it was mission accomplished and proposed getting some drinks to celebrate. Patty held out her right arm to Holtzmann for a high five. Abby asked Erin what she thought. Holtzmann grabbed Patty's arm and kissed her hand instead. Patty pulled away. Blogger Chris Gethard caught up to them and asked obnoxious questions for his blog. Chris revealed he went to Erin's hometown and found out she made up a ghost when she was a child then ended asking her if she was born a fraud and called her ghost girl. Erin collared him, then exclaimed not to call her that. Abby insisted he was too pasty to fight. Patty pointed out she was making them look bad. He retorted she should go back into therapy and called her a freak. Erin punched him square in his face. He instantly dropped to the pavement. Patty was shocked. Erin was embarrassed upon learning the New York Post and Fox 5 News covered in the incident as well as taking statements from Dean Filmore and Dean Shanks about her. Patty advised Erin to shake it off and reminded her of the lives she helped save. Abby agreed. Erin was still down and went home to her apartment.

Holtzmann and Patty returned to headquarters with sandwiches. Patty called out to Abby to eat since her moods had been real bad. Holtzmann walked towards the restroom. Abby suddenly stepped out and replied she was fine and walked to the lab. She chose a pipe from Holtzmann's pile of parts and attacked the Proton Packs mounted on the wall. Holtzmann dashed over and grabbed the pipe. Abby shoved Holtzmann across floor. Patty felt validated low blood sugar was a serious issue. Abby acknowledged Patty then threw the pipe. Patty dived to the booth. Abby walked over and picked Holtzmann off the floor by her throat. The window was shattered as Abby walked Holtzmann through it and dangled her outside. Patty charged. Abby dropped Holtzmann but Patty shoved her to the ground and grabbed Holtzmann's right arm just in time. Abby leaped onto Patty's back but got shoved into the wall. Abby stood back up. Patty held her back by pressing against her head. Abby pushed her hand aside and ended up on her back on the window frame. Holtzmann pleaded for some help. Abby's head twisted around like in "Exorcist" and faced Holtzmann. Holtzmann and Patty naturally freaked out. Abby's head twisted back to its original position and said, "Boo." Patty screamed. Abby stood up. Patty referred to her as a hellion and tried to vanquish her. Abby stopped in mid-air then they tussled again. Patty pulled up Holtzmann back inside and all three fell to the floor. Patty slapped Abby in the face. Rowan's ghost vacated Abby and flew out the window. Abby felt the slap and believed it was going to leave a mark. Patty quoted "Exorcist" with her own twist and slapped Abby again. She realized Abby was back. They heard Kevin outside and watched as Rowan possessed him then drove off on Ecto-2.

Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann took off in Ecto-1. Stuck on West 38th, Abby elected to clear a path elsewhere. They walked to the cluster of Sabrett Hot Dog Carts that blocked their path. There was a green glow coming from the one on the left. They slowly approached. The lid popped open. Slimer roared and scarfed more hot dogs It flew towards them. They side stepped him and he flew right into the driver's seat of Ecto-1. Abby and Patty yelled at him to stop. The engine started and Slimer reversed out. Abby was annoyed at Holtzmann for leaving the keys in the car. Slimer swung Ecto-1 into a parked car. Patty knew her uncle was going to be pissed. Slimer roared and the gas pedal was pushed down. He charged Ecto-1 towards them. Abby ordered everyone to light him up. Holtzmann interjected and revealed the equipment on the roof rack was basically a nuclear reactor. Patty cast her vote that they don't shoot at it. They gasped and jumped out of the way. Ecto-1 barreled past the carts. Abby realized they gave a ghost a nuke and proposed they should probably run.

The Ghostbusters ran past people and paused to look to West 38th Street and 6th Avenue. They saw a ghost balloon parade. Patty asked if Thanksgiving was like Halloween back in the 1920s because she thought that was a creepy-ass Macy's Parade. Abby admitted she was always kind of been attracted to husky men in hats. One of the balloons doubled back and peered at them. Holtzmann admitted she just made eye contact. The balloons chuckled and started floating towards them. Abby guessed they looked like chew toys to him. They blasted the balloons and they popped one by one as they slowly drifted towards them. They popped and puttered away. The last one was of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. It landed on and smothered them against the street. It chuckled. Abby groaned. Patty pointed out how absurd it was. Abby stated she couldn't reach her trigger. Holtzmann told them it was exactly how she pictured her death. Erin found them and popped the ghost balloon with her Swiss Army Knife. Patty high fived Erin. Abby announced it was time to go save the city and get their terrible receptionist back.

Holtzmann reminded everyone they had Proton sidearms to use. Abby told everyone to power up. The Ghostbusters opened fire with their throwers on the ghosts that emerged from the P.K.E. mist. A ghost hurled a tomahawk. Patty yelled at Holtzmann to get down. Patty and Holtzmann landed on the street. The tomahawk struck the chest of another ghost. Abby wrangled it and hurled it into other ghosts. She called it a slap shot. Mayhem eyed Holtzmann. Patty holstered her thrower and got out the Ghost Chipper. Patty remarked it was chipping time and proclaimed he was getting what was coming to him for sitting on her. Mayhem was chipped. Erin sidestepped the remains that exited the Chipper. Holtzmann thanked Patty. A ghost shoved Patty into a van. The Ghost Chipper was then stomped to pieces. After the ghosts were defeated, the Ghostbusters walked past the police, agents, and soldiers frozen in place. Patty tried talking to them but nobody could talk.

The Ghostbusters stepped into the lobby of the Mercado Hotel. They sent a civilian named Frank outside and he screamed. Patty suggested they should have warned him about what was outside. Eventually, Rowan left Kevin's body. Abby ordered nobody to let Rowan get away. They traded insults with Rowan as they blasted at him. Patty shot the hotel. Holtzmann reckoned she broke it. Abby ordered Rowan to show himself. Rowan asked her what form she preferred he take. Patty took the lead and wanted something nice and cute, like a friendly little ghost. Rowan appeared as the Ghostbusters' logo and asked them if it's what she wanted. The No sign morphed into a tiny red bow tie and landed onto Rowan. Patty had no issues and thanked him for being reasonable. Rowan admitted if worked for him. Rowan's form became sinister and started expanding in size. Patty stipulated she wanted "cute." They became very concerned. Rowan grinned and raised his left arm then makes a shoving motion with both arms. They were sent flying outside by a flood of green energy and the shock wave knocked the police, agents, and soldiers on their backs.

Patty stated he pretty much was not keeping up with what they agreed upon. Rowan stepped on a taxi and flattened it. Patty wondered what part of "small and friendly" did he not understand. Abby prioritized the need to reverse the portal but it required an insane amount of energy. They returned to the portal and crossed the streams into it but it wasn't enough. Ecto-1 returned again. Patty asked about the roof rack equipment. Holtzmann theorized if they could get the reactors super-critical inside the vortex, the beta radiation could reverse the polarity. Erin realized it would cause a total protonic reversal. Abby equated the plan to turning the portal into a giant ghost trap and called Patty a genius. Patty stated she was a Ghostbuster. Abby told everyone to focus on narrowing the car's path then Holtzmann directed them to aim for the silver canisters. They side stepped Ecto-1 and fired. All the ghosts around the city were pulled in by red streams of energy shooting out of the Portal. Even Rowan was pulled back but he resisted and held onto some buildings. Abby ordered everyone to loosen his grip. They shot his "crotch." He winced and clutched his "crotch." Patty asked if that was where she wanted them to shoot. Abby pushed Patty aside at the last second. Rowan grabbed Abby as he was pulled into the portal.

Erin tied the winch around her waist and started running. Patty became concerned about what she was doing. Patty and Holtzmann watched as Erin dived into the portal. They pulled on Erin's wire from outside the hotel. As Erin and Abby reached the red zone of the divide, their hair turned white. Patty and Holtzmann lost their balance. Abby and Erin emerged just as the portal closed and they burst through the doors. Holtzmann and Patty exclaimed. Patty noticed their hair was white. Erin looked at Abby's hair and vice versa. They realized they saved the world. Kevin joined in and ate a sub sandwich. Patty asked Kevin what his contribution was. Kevin claimed he did a lot and explained he walked over to the power box, pushed a bunch of buttons, everything got sucked into the portal, then it closed up. Holtzmann told him the two things were unrelated. Kevin commented he loved their hair because it made them look a lot older. Abby snatched the sub and tossed it. Kevin asked for it. It was tossed back to him. Abby mouthed 'No' to the person. Kevin ate more. Patty was surprised. Abby tossed the sub again. Kevin asked for a beverage. Abby told them don't. A water bottle was tossed to him. Kevin asked for a muffin next. A muffin was thrown to him. Abby couldn't believe it. Patty asked if he was a wizard.

The Ghostbusters waited for Lynch at a Jacob Wirth Co. Restaurant. Erin was worried about her dye job. Holtzmann quipped she would talk to her at an AA meeting. Patty snickered and drank. Patty was moved by Holtzmann's speech about finding friendship and family with them. Lynch pulled out the fifth chair and apologized for being late. She thanked them for their discretion even though it was not working at all then chuckled. Patty, looking down, nodded. Lynch revealed the Mayor would like them to continue to study the paranormal, fully funded, so the city can be better prepared just in case of another event. She emphasized they can have anything at all. Erin got an idea. The Ghostbusters walked to the Firehouse. Patty was excited. Holtzmann claimed the second floor for herself. Patty disputed that she can claim a whole floor. Holtzmann retorted she just did. Patty ran after Holtzmann. Abby congratulated Erin on the idea. Erin declared she proudly took the title of Ghost Girl. A black Cadillac hearse pulled up to the Firehouse. Tires screeched. The horn honked. A man got out of the driver's side. Patty stepped outside. Abby confirmed to Erin that he was Patty's uncle. Uncle Bill demanded to know where the car is. Patty reminded him she told him what happened and it was on the other side. Uncle Bill asked if she means New Jersey. Patty tried to explain again. Abby and Erin made no eye contact and walked past them to the door. Uncle Bill explained he had four funerals this weekend and he can't make due with just one hearse. Patty suggested he could do two at a time. Uncle Bill exclaimed he was not stacking them like flapjacks.

Patty went up to the roof and noticed several buildings in the city lit up special messages to thank the Ghostbusters. Patty came down from the stairs and told everyone to come up to the roof. Patty dashed back up. Patty exited the stairwell, followed by Erin, Abby, and Holtzmann. Patty pointed outward. Patty laughed and clapped hands once. One building read, "NY S2 GB" while another read, "I love GB", and another read, "NY Loves Ghostbusters." Patty was happy some people actually knew what they did. Abby admitted it was not terrible. Erin agreed. Patty chuckled, placed her right arm around Erin and they hugged. Holtzmann placed her arm around Abby. Abby grabbed her hand. Erin and Patty linked up to them. Abby exhaled. Manhattan, early evening, was all lit up. Some time later, Patty, headphones on, listened to a recording on the Kudelski Nagra III Reel to Reel Tape Recorder. Patty heard something interesting. Erin walked over between Abby and Patty. She asked Patty if she got something. Abby rested her chin on her left palm. Patty revealed she heard something really weird and asked them what "Zuul" was. Everyone was silent. Erin and Abby couldn't think of anything and both shook their heads. Patty contributed a new section to Erin and Abby's revised edition of Ghosts From Our Past: Both Literally & Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal.[6] She wrote case studies about six haunted places around the world.

Secondary Canon

IDW Comics

Patty Tolan altered the terms of a dare to sleep overnight at her high school and instead suggested St. Paul's Chapel on Friday the 13th since it was one of the most haunted sites in all of New York City. Two days later, Patty found herself on the upper level of the chapel regretting opening her big mouth and reading. She noticed two girls, who happened to be Erin and Abby, breaking in downstairs. Holtzmann managed to push her hefty weapon and its cart into a room. She started the weapon but something went wrong. She ran for it and yelled out for anyone to run for their lives. Abby, Erin, Patty, and Holtzmann fled to the cemetery and hid behind headstones. The chapel partially exploded. They noticed each other and ran away in opposite directions.

Patty and Holtzmann went to Queens in search of a ghost to trap for study. After spending a great deal of time there, they encountered Ralph and gave chase. Unaware of a portal that was briefly open in a park, they caught up to the ghost and fired. Patty admonished Holtzmann for blowing up another car. Holtzmann insisted the ghost used its psychic powers to do it. Patty was not too pleased to be drenched in ectoplasm after Holtzmann blew the ghost up. Patty called up Abby and informed them they came up short again. Abby told Patty to inform Holtzmann she couldn't blow up anymore ghosts until they trapped at least a Class 5. Patty also informed her Holtzmann blew up more cars. Abby also placed a moratorium on blowing up cars since they were being threatened with the costs.

Abby, Patty, and Holtzmann arrived at the Stryker Beach Golf Course. Holtzmann proposed a $20 bet she could make an elder patron in the corner fall over. Patty advised Holtzmann to let the creepy old men alone. She cut to the chase with an employee and asked where the ghost was because they had a full schedule and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was already backed up. He directed them to the 13th green. Abby reminded everyone they should trap the ghost so they could study it. Patty suspected Abby came along to keep them on task. Abby insisted she came along because she won a coin toss to get out of accounting work. To Abby's dismay, Holtzmann neutralized the ghost with the Ghost Chipper. Patty reminded Abby they had three stops to go and plenty of chances to trap something. They didn't catch anything. Abby was in denial and claimed they did and they should build an observation tank. Patty called her out on taking the cart before the horse.

After two Statues of Liberty and another team of Ghostbusters appeared on the news, the team gathered outside the Firehouse. Patty speculated this was going to like that Star Trek episode with the Mirror Universe and was ready to see goatees and sleeveless shirts. They discovered the layout of the interior was different and their stuff was gone. Patty tried to assuage their concern. Kevin Tanaka greeted them from the office area. Erin demanded to know where Kevin was. Kevin stated he was Kevin. Erin lost her composure and declared Kevin was a chiseled, godlike, specimen of a man and he wasn't. Kevin remarked he did all right. Patty advised Erin to take a breath. Egon Spengler and Kevin Beckman got their attention from atop the stairwell. The two teams gathered on the second floor to figure out what was going on. In order to expedite things, the Interspatial Teleportation Unit was demonstrated. Patty couldn't believe Holtzmann just stuck her head into the open portal. Winston Zeddemore admitted Egon tried to experiment on himself every once in awhile. Patty asked him if he ever felt the need to hide the power tools before he went home for the day. Winston admitted he did more often that she would ever know. Patty wondered what Holtzmann was seeing. Afterward, Ray Stantz and Egon talked out their exploration of the alternate dimensions, their first battle against Gozer, and shared their theory about seeding the subconscious of the Multiverse with the idea of Ghostbusters. Patty recalled the name "Zuul" from EVP detail and asked if that meant her team was going to one day face Gozer. Kylie Griffin believed if it did manifest in their New York, it would only be a weaker echo since a large part of its essence was still imprisoned in the Containment Unit.

As Marine Ecto-8 made its way to Ellis Island, Patty finally realized Winston looked like her Uncle Bill except 30 or so years younger. Ray recalled they've seen familiar people and faces in their exploration of other dimensions. Patty noticed the giant tear in the sky. Ray confirmed it had to do with the dimensional overlap. Patty put on a Proton Pack and noticed it was heavier than her team's. As Patty predicted correctly the entities they had to deal with were a group of Pirate Ghosts based on the island's history of executions. The situation worsened after Holtzmann dispersed several and they formed a powerful single entity. Winston saw the similarity with the Megaspook a few years back but noted Death was the winning factor back then. Patty asked if he had Death on speed dial. Ray and Erin abruptly ran off. Patty was annoyed then got into a thing with Holtzmann that the ghost looked like a Kraken. Patty cited the one in "Clash of the Titans" had legs. Ray and Erin managed to discorporate the entity with the Proton Bazooka then stored it in the Megatrap rigged to explode after it was lowered into the dimensional tear above the island.

Patty was excited about going out on a call to Woodlawn Cemetery. Peter didn't know much about it. Patty told him to respect the history. A blue flash knocked them off their feet. The ghost of Herman Melville ran past them. She instantly recognized him. Peter recognized the last name but couldn't figure out what he did. The Moby Dick Ghost arrived and slimed them. Patty couldn't believe he didn't know who Melville was and exclaimed Melville wrote "Moby Dick" but he thought that was John Bonham. Peter, Winston, and Patty were unable to wrangle the ghost but Holtzmann reappeared and lured it into an ambush. She remotely activated several Traps. Patty oversaw a group of 101 Cadets outside of Central Park and briefed them about Ley Lines. She joined the standby teams on rooftop in case the ghost had to be "guided" into the mobile trap. Once the ghost was captured, they prepared to Cross the Streams on the breach it came through to seal it and split their dimensions. Patty warned Erin if it didn't work and they all got atomized, she would not hear the end of it from her. Two weeks after everything was restored to normal, Peter and Ray visited their dimension to rebuild their Containment Unit.

At the Yorkville Brownstone case, Patty felt like she should have recognized the address. The Ghostbusters were surprised by the sudden manifestation of the Timothy Ghost. Erin realized it was just a tiny ghost child. Patty got wound up and asked her if she ever saw any horror movie. Abby pointed out it was just a Class 3 and a child. Patty went on a rant about children in creepy fiction and listed several movies. Erin noticed the ghost had a hoop and stick. Holtzmann antagonized it by stating its mom was definitely dead. Timothy transmogrified and attacked them. Erin panicked when the hoop touched her. They took cover by some furniture and used the "Hi-Lo" maneuver to trap the ghost. Erin scolded Holtzmann for forgetting Patty's side always went high. Erin agreed with Patty that all the creepiest ghosts were kids. She tried using "no kidding" as a pun but as Patty pointed out, she put too much emphasis on it. Back at the Firehouse, Patty found an entry about the Brownstone and declared it to Erin and Holtzmann in the lab. Patty told them about it was one the big haunted sites of New York and a mad scientist named Doctor Kruger lived there in the 1900s conducting fear experiments on people. Erin wanted Abby to hear it, too. Holtzmann tried to put a diode on Patty but she refused and held her back with one hand. Patty continued about how the brownstone was sealed after Kruger died and was only sold and reopened decades later then there were consistent reports of paranormal activity in many forms. They realized Abby was possessed again. At their behest, Holtzmann grabbed her De-Possessor and went on about explaining it. They yelled at her to just use it. Kruger was pulled out of Abby but he attacked and drained them of energy. They fell to the floor with their energy drained. Holtzmann tried using her Ghost Zamboni but they watched as Kruger burst through the upper floors and escaped into the city. Patty hoped Erin used her powers of mindless paperwork to set up insurance for that very instance. They ran to the roof. Patty realized the zamboni was just a bigger version of the Ghost Chipper.

Patty became annoyed with Abby's desire to go out and fight Kruger again. Patty wanted to focus on research, inventing a new weapon, and coming up with a plan but she was voted down. Holtzmann needed direct exposure to Kruger to figure out a weapon that would be effective against him even though they would get their butts kicked again. They departed for the Empire State Building. Observing the emanations swirling around the building, Patty hated being right. Holtzmann tried putting her spin on the St. Crispin's Day Speech but Patty wasn't having any of it. The Ghostbusters attacked Kruger at full power but he resisted and sent them into the Nightmare-Scape. Patty was left behind in a hallway by the other Ghostbusters and was overwhelmed by hordes of creepy dolls. Patty's fear was of creepy dolls and being alone.[7]

40 minutes after their defeat at the hands of Kruger, Erin broke the silence inside Betty's Diner and spoke up but Patty got irritated and confirmed it was too soon. Erin agreed what they experienced was awful but refused to give up and took solace they got away. Abby disagreed and pointed out they didn't know anything. Erin was sure they would figure it out. Holtzmann clarified Kruger let them go because they had nothing to offer and were unimpressive. She left the diner sullen. Erin found her in the alley and admitted she was more afraid to see Holtzmann unwilling to overcome a challenge than her fear of bees. Holtzmann started laughing. Patty and Abby joined them. Holtzmann continued to laugh at Erin's expense. She clarified she was laughing at her fear, not her, but the others weren't catching on. Holtzmann clarified someone's fear was dumb to someone else and the reason they lost was the specificity. She theorized it could free them, too, and was ready to get back to work. Abby decided they had to go back to the brownstone and find out more about Kruger and his ability. Patty thought it was a bad idea and griped she was going to get murdered by an old-timey ghost.

Abby, Erin, and Patty searched for the entrance to an underground lab using the brownstone's schematics but discovered it was sealed up. Abby came out of nowhere with an axe and started chopping away at the wall. Patty brought up the current owners but Abby replied they could bill her. She warned the others there were ghosts bound to the lab but didn't think they would attack unless they disturbed something. Patty took a book off the third shelf of a case and discovered it was a journal. Erin riled up several of Kruger's Victims. Patty knew one had to be right behind her. Patty retreated past Erin and Abby. They opened fire and she trapped them. Patty told Erin and Abby to shut up 50 times on the way back as she read the journal. Back at the Firehouse, Patty eventually exited Ecto-1 and declared she knew what Kruger's plan was and it was very bad.

Patty couldn't believe Holtzmann considered Erin and Abby screaming a partial success and called her definitions weird. Holtzmann then revealed she also used the Dream Machine to make scrambled eggs for Erin and Abby. Kevin brought her a record and frisbee instead of plates. Patty believed he wasn't even trying but Holtzmann classified it as creative problem-solving. After several hours, Patty understood they couldn't stop Kruger from dragging them back into the Nightmare-Scape so they needed a way to control their dreams and hide. Holtzmann further explained a common memory that was buried and attached with guilt or shame would be sufficient. Since there wasn't one, Holtzmann circled back to a memory implant. She was turned down. It reminded her of her first weapons test that partially blew up St. Paul's. They realized they were all at the chapel on the same night and set out to confront Kruger once again.

Patty made it to the shared memory of the chapel first. But her fear of being alone overtook her and she went into a near catatonic state assuring herself the others didn't leave her. Erin and Abby suddenly dropped in from the ceiling. They calmed her fears of being left alone and vowed to avenge the missing Holtzmann. Erin even swore. Patty was surprised. Erin declared Holtzmann deserved the swears. Kruger found them and admitted they were clever to hide in a shared memory. Erin revealed the plan was actually to lure him to the memory and Patty pointed out he fell for it like a chump. On Erin's call, they opened fire on Kruger but she realized they couldn't hold him for long. Holtzmann finally arrived and joined the battle. They were blown back to the real world, where Kevin was waiting and he trapped Kruger. Holtzmann asked if Kevin really said "Proton Bean" but Patty told her to be quiet while her wounds healed. While Kevin declared he was on the team, Patty was excited they saved the world again. Kevin wanted his own car with a siren but Patty stated he got in enough trouble with the Ecto-2 and denied the request. Holtzmann admitted she was starving and was craving more of the nightmare-induced scrambled eggs. Erin and Patty turned her down in unison. Holtzmann pointed out they were so good. Abby admitted she was right. Holtzmann declared nightmare science eggs for everyone.

Patty helped trap all of Connla's Army on Liberty Island in the prime dimension weeks away from Halloween. Egon Spengler from Dimension 68-R, Roland Jackson from Dimension 68-E, and Abby checked their respective P.K.E. Meters and confirmed they trapped every ghost and they were clear. Patty directed them to look at what they did to the Statue of Liberty's "backyard" but Peter was sure they could smooth it over. Egon Spengler asked the Ghostbusters for their help in retrieving ghosts that escaped from the Containment Unit and escaped into the multiverse. All of the teams involved in the operation gathered in the Warehouse.

A field team consisting of Ray Stantz of Dimension 68-R, Gabriel Sitter of 50-S, Janine Melnitz, Ron Alexander, Patty Tolan of 80-C, and Garrett Miller of 68-E arrived in a parallel dimension. They canvassed a circus. Garrett was possessed by the Hungry Manitou and it generated a Giant Murder Clown construct around themselves for protection while it fed. Ron ignored Janine and used a Proton Grenade. The Murder Clown retaliated and fired deadly projectiles that resembled ice cream cones. Patty tackled Ron out of harm's way. Ron declared he was adding her to his will. Patty requested he stop acting like a giant ass and she would call it even. Ray 68-R and Gabriel wondered why he wasn't fired yet. Janine stated they wanted him where they could keep an eye on him and were waiting for memory erasing technology to be perfected by Egon. Ron quipped it never would since Egon kept testing it on himself and they didn't want him selling everything he knew to the highest bidder. Ron was stopped mid-sentence and realized three of the Murder Clown's projectiles had pierced his chest and stomach then he fell to the ground. Patty proposed using the Trap-Gates to exorcise Garrett but Ray 68-R countered they then wouldn't have any left to send the Manitou to the Containment Unit. He believed their only move was to weaken the construct with full power streams.

Patty realized their attack wasn't enough against the Giant Murder Clown. Ray 68-R thought they stood a chance when Garrett fought back against the Manitou and its readings went into flux. Janine knew they needed something else. Ron came to and told Gabriel to cut his Proton Pack off and call the "fat guy" over. Gabriel assumed he was talking about Ray 68-R. Ron explained the Proton Grenade stunned it but blowing up the Proton Pack would be strong enough to free Garrett. Ray 68-R threw the pack into the air and ordered everyone to shoot it. Patty asked if doing so would create a "mushroom cloud situation." Janine pointed out she was asking that kind of question only now. The explosion dispersed the Giant Murder Clown and freed Garrett. The Manitou was angered. It decided to forgo its hunger and kill everyone. Garrett blasted it mid-charge. Patty prompted the "uptight guy." Gabriel threw out his Trap-Gate, stated he was cautious, and captured the Manitou. Janine reckoned they should find Garrett's wheelchair and probably take Ron to a hospital. Before Ron could react, Patty warned they would leave him stranded if he said another word. They opened a portal home but only Ron returned to the prime dimension. The others were redirected by Tiamat to the Collectors' Limbo. Rather than serve her, they fought back. Tiamat was stripped of her P.K.E. and trapped.

After the Ghostbusters returned to the Firehouse from a call, Patty noticed a customer was already waiting inside but Kevin was absent. Abby called him. Patty noted that would be interesting. She tried searching Kevin's desk for an intake form to no avail. She asked the young man to just say what the address was. The Ghostbusters headed to Apartment 4B in Astoria. On the way, Patty told the others she thought he was describing a baby. She recounted living next door to a woman who kept having children and the smells coming out of that apartment were unbelievable. They knocked on 4B but the woman who answered claimed she didn't know anything about any supernatural activity. Suddenly, a ghost dog named Nunu ran out into the hall. Patty hoped it didn't bite because she wasn't sure if her tetanus was up to date. Patty apologized to a woman who dropped her groceries out of fright. They were able to trap it in the stairwell. The woman came clean and told them about how she was paid off by a cult to be impregnated with the spawn of a demon. Patty thought her dating life was a hot mess and showed her an app on her phone she should have used.

Suddenly, Sahaq's Herald arrived and spoke cryptically about when he would arrive on Earth. The herald left through a portal and the room was slimed. Patty was annoyed that happened every time. She told Erin to give the woman their cleaning formula. The woman just wanted to know if her daughter Zara would be safe. The Ghostbusters left to do research on Sahaq. Patty deduced the herald equated the Hudson River emptying into the Bay as "the flow and the stagnation" while Erin speculated the "Fourth Eye Opening" was the fourth full moon of the year and Abby realized "his issue's second revolution" was Zara's second birthday. Kevin finally returned to the Firehouse and informed them he treated himself to breakfast in celebration of his tenth anniversary working for them. Patty was confused because he only worked for them for two years. Abby got an idea and proposed a night cruise. The Ghostbusters, Kevin, Zara's mom, and Zara boarded a cruise liner in New York Harbor on Friday night. At 8:47 pm, near Pier 81, Sahaq rose up from underwater. Patty yelled they were going to need a bigger trap. Erin, Patty, and Abby tried in vain to hold him with Proton Streams. Abby told them to keep at it because they were wearing him down. Patty didn't think so at all. Holtzmann grabbed the mother's hoodie and Zara's Muhkee doll then tricked Sahaq into thinking it was Zara. He followed Holtzmann and was pulled into the new C-7 Trap.


Patty is the practical, street smarts member of the team. She also is a wealth of information on New York City's history. She is kind and brave and speaks with a southern accent.


  • The role of Patty was originally written with Melissa McCarthy in mind.[8]
    • Patty Tolan's name was a direct nod to McCarthy's Irish ethnicity.[9]
  • Patty Tolan was always meant to the fourth character, a breath of fresh energy, and a powerhouse.[10]
  • Like Winston Zeddemore, Patty was the last member to join and is the sole African American in ethnicity. She also lacks a PhD like the rest of the team upon joining them.
    • Unlike Winston, who joined the Ghostbusters by answering an ad, Patty encountered ghosts during her job at a subway booth and joined the team to offer her help.
  • Holtzmann likes Patty's mouthiness.[11]
  • Patty mentions The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, when she reminds Erin and Abby that Rowan told her about the Fourth Cataclysm.[12]
  • When Patty brings the hearse, she quotes Oprah's famous "You get a car, and you get a car, and you get a car!" moment in the season 19 premiere of "The Oprah Winfrey Show".[13]
  • Patty mentions Enterprise Rent-A-Car after Abby protests about the hearse.
  • Patty refers to Holtzmann as Dr. Frankenstein for her cadaver comment.[14]
  • Patty found Phil Hudson, Erin's ex-boyfriend, sexy.
  • Patty's belt buckle, seen in Chapter 8, references "cheah," slang for "yeah!"
  • Before she met the Mayhem-possessed mannequin, Patty mentions:[15]
    • The music artist Stevie Nicks.
    • Grady's daughters from "The Shining".
  • Patty mentions the Lenape's part in the history of the Mercado Hotel. Originally, their territory for just the New York area extended west from western Long Island and New York Bay, across the Lower Hudson Valley in New York into the lower Catskills and a sliver of the upper edge of the North Branch Susquehanna River. In the 17th century, primary European contact was fur trade with Dutch. They attempted to live peacefully with the Quakers and were the first tribe to make a treaty with the United States of America following the Revolutionary War.
  • Patty compares Rowan's uniform the Starfleet uniforms from the Star Trek franchise, citing Captain Kirk.[16]
  • After "the punch," in headquarters, Patty reads a copy of Journal of Astrophysical Mechanics that features an article on "Quantum Energy Matter Creation". In real life, it was the first issue printed in 2015 and came out in January. The article explores how stars use gravity to filter thermal energy and create matter.[17][18]
  • Patty mentions the saying "The Devil is a liar!" after Rowan turns Abby's neck.
  • Patty's "The power of Patty compels you" line is a spin of "The power of Christ compels you" from "The Exorcist".
  • In the last scene, before Patty says "Huh" in reaction to the EVP, a snippet of the chorus from "Saw It Coming" can be heard briefly.
  • In the alternate scene Backstories, Patty reveals she didn't really connect with classmates in school because she was into her books.[19]
  • In the alternate scene Protect the Barrier, Patty mentions she was on a break dancing team.[20]
  • There is a scene that involved Patty going into a haunted FAO Schwarz toy store and fighting a giant Barbie doll but it wasn't filmed due to budget constraints.[21]
  • In the Tor Books Ghostbusters Novelization:
    • On page 84, Patty was halfway through reading "The Gangs of New York".[22]
    • On page 136, Patty's fear of dolls and mannequins stemmed from her cousin Marcie's doll collection.[23]
  • In Ghostbusters International #3, on page 6, in panel 5, Patty makes a non-canon cameo as one of the applicants outside.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #2, Patty is wearing her baseball jacket and New York shirt from Chapter 16 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 7 of Ghostbusters 101 #3, Patty is in her civies from Chapter 12 from the 2016 movie.
  • On page 9 of Ghostbusters 101 #3, Patty reveals she used to work for a moving company.[24]
    • In panel 4, Patty's gold vanity necklace is visible.
  • On page 5 of Ghostbusters 101 #4, Patty's knowledge of New York's history comes into play with Ellis Island.
  • Patty appears on Cover B of Ghostbusters 101 #6.
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6:
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, Patty is wearing her shirt from the 2016 movie, Chapter 16, when the team celebrated in the Jacob Wirth Co. Restaurant.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Patty's bio in panel 2 mentions possessed mannequins, a nod to the Mayhem bust in the 2016 movie.
  • On page 3 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Patty mentions several horror movies: "Children of the Corn" (1984), "The Ring" (2002), "Village of the Damned" (1960 and 1995), "The Shining" (1980), "The Exorcist" (1973), and "Rosemary's Baby" (1968).
  • On Cover A of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #3, Patty is wearing her outfit from the start of Chapter 07 of the 2016 movie.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #3, Patty says, "Into the breach with us" - a nod to Shakespeare's Henry V.
  • On page 14 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #3, Patty alludes to President Teddy Roosevelt's Big Stick foreign policy.
  • Patty appears on Cover RI-B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1.
  • On page 22 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #1, the notes on Patty:
    • States her knowledge of the New York City area equals that of Ray.
    • She is driven by conscience over curiosity unlike her colleagues.
    • Incorrectly states she has a Masters Degree in History, whereas her virtual trading card, released on April 5, 2018, is considered correct and stated she has a Bachelor of the Arts in History.
  • On April 5, 2018, Tom Waltz posted Virtual Trading Card 14 of 50, Patty Tolan. It revealed she has a Bachelor of the Arts in History.[25]
  • On the Dramatis Personae Page 2 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #3, Patty's last name is misspelled "Nolan" instead of "Tolan".
  • On page 20 of Crossing Over #3, Patty mentions finally starting a book club.
  • On Dramatis Personae page 2 of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #5, the typo in Patty Tolan's last name is fixed.
  • Patty appears on Cover A and Cover B of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #6
  • On Cover RI of Ghostbusters Crossing Over Issue #7, Patty is featured.
  • Patty appears on all 3 covers of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Answer The Call Ghostbusters.
  • On page 15 of Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary: Answer The Call Ghostbusters, Patty does her take on the "We're gonna need a bigger boat" line from "Jaws".



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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