Paul Smart[2] is the President of a technology firm named Grossjuck Industries (GI).


Just after company headquarters moved into a new high rise off 40th called Grossjuck Plaza, Paul romanced Janine Melnitz in order to infiltrate the Firehouse and conduct corporate espionage.[3] During one winter season, Smart was able to when the Ghostbusters were busy with cases and were called away at the last minute. Escorting Janine inside the Firehouse, he pretended to have a dry throat and asked for water. While Janine was occupied, Smart placed a loaded Ghost Trap into his briefcase then took photographs of blueprints for the Proton Pack, Ghost Trap, and P.K.E. Meter to create Robo-Buster X-1, a robot designed to destroy ghosts rather than contain them.

Three weeks later, Smart unveiled the Robo-Buster at a press conference.[4] Riding success, Smart was an instant celebrity. When Janine and Slimer confronted him, Smart activated the Robo-Buster and destroyed Slimer. Robo-Buster was proven to be very ineffective when it turned out that all the ghosts it "destroyed" were actually being reincarnated into a giant mass of ghosts. The Giant Mass attacked Smart's high rise office but the slippery businessman fled the building. He was last seen trying to drive off in his wrecked limousine and being taunted by the Ghostbusters.


  • In the "Robo-Buster" script, Paul Smart was described as "a nattily-dressed man in expensive suit, camel-hair overcoat, and slicked-back hair like the Gordon Gekko character in Wall Street."[5]
  • On page one of Ghostbusters Issue #15, Paul Smart is referred to on the ABS news ticker.


The Real Ghostbusters


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