Paulina Ganucheau is an artist based in Virginia who has contributed to IDW Comics.


Paulina Ganucheau was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, where she graduated magna cum laude.[1]


Paulina Ganucheau started her career in design in 2010 and currently works as a freelance artist and has worked with clients such as Dirty Coast, Boom! Studios, New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and IDW. She worked on titles like "Star Wars: Poe Dameron," "Gwenpool, The Unbelievable" She has also done self-published work such as "Zodiac Starforce" and "Another Castle," which she also co-created.[2][3]

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Paulina Ganucheau has penciled the cover of:


  • Paulina Ganucheau's hobbies are watching pro-wrestling, cloud photography and following cats on Instagram.[4]


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