Not to be confused with Penn Station/Animated from The Real Ghostbusters

Penn Station[1] is a major train and subway station in midtown Manhattan.


After an Atlantean Priest Ghost possessed Egon Spengler, he decided to observe the current state of the world himself and flew out the Firehouse. He settled in Penn Station down in the train tracks. Ray Stantz filtered out the signal of the ghost and tracked it to Penn Station. Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Ray headed in through the 7th & 8th Avenue entrance. Peter informed them he talked the city into giving them a bonus if no major property damage was sustained. There were a lot of people in the station. Winston predicted a sea of civil suits and elected to go wait in Ecto-1. Peter expedited the situation by pulling a fire alarm. Ray couldn't believe him. Peter assumed there would be a fire soon anyway. The people rushed up the stairs and left the station. Ray led them downstairs to the tracks, where electrical interference caused a power outage. They sighted Egon, in a transmogrified state. Ray addressed the ghost and warned it to leave Egon's body or face swift and terrible consequences. The ghost ignored him and bemoaned how the world was not better since the fall of Atlantis. He noted how men still lived hungry on the streets, the laws were not respected, and even the very air burned in one's chest. He revealed that was exactly why priests begged Ennosigaios for help. Ray explained it was another name for Poseidon. Winston understood and revealed he loved Greek myth in the third grade. The ghost detected mockery and emphasized he was speaking of serious ills. Peter informed him they heard the "world is too sick to survive" line before. He told Ray to hose him. Ray fired his Slime Blower and doused Egon's body with positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. The ghost was ejected from Egon. In his native language, he called them fools and declared the "Earth-Shaker" would come again and seal the fate of Manhattan. Egon understood the context of his threat. Peter tried to make himself feel better and asked if Poseidon was real. Ray pointed out Gozer was real. Peter looked on the bright side and remembered the bonus. As they headed up the stairs, they ran into Chief Graver and several firefighters. Garver asked where the fire was.


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