Persefineathious' Father is the father of Persefineathious and one of the leaders of the Sub Dwellers.[1][2]


After a series of power outages in New York City, the Sub Dwellers were blamed. After a subway line went out, police arrested Persefineathious' father. Persefineathious (Steffi to friends) went to the Extreme Ghostbusters for help. Garrett Miller and Steffi attended his bail hearing. The judge charged him with reckless endangerment and destruction of public property. She set bail at $10,000 and Steffi's father was taken back to his cell. During this time, he fell ill. Once police officers met the Energy and Lightning Demons and the Ghostbusters captured them, Steffi's father was released. He thanked them for their help. Steffi went back home instead of staying up on the surface a little longer in order to help take care of him.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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