Not to be confused with the Phantom of the Opera from IDW Comics

The Phantom of the Opera is a character in the classic novel of the same name by French author Gaston Leroux.


At an unspecified time, the Phantom of the Opera settled in New York City at an opera house. One of the janitors at the opera mentions that he haunts the basement. Winston tells Egon about this, but Egon dismisses it because the Phantom of the Opera was a character in a movie. After the Valkyries were captured, the Ghostbusters find the Phantom. The Phantom was annoyed by all the noise caused by the Ghostbusters and Valkyries and leaves the opera.

Based On

According to the novel, The Phantom was a disfigured musician named Erik who hid his deformed face behind a mask. He was in love with a woman named Christine. The novel was so popular that many film adaptations have been made and the Phantom has made brief cameos on several TV shows.



The Real Ghostbusters


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