Not to be confused with the Phantom of the Opera from The Real Ghostbusters

The Phantom of the Opera is a ghost who haunted the Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center.


During a special performance of "Don Giovanni," for charity fundraising, at the Metropolitan Opera House, the Phantom began to manifest. Janine Melnitz noticed the telltale signs and called up Ray Stantz. The Ghost Smashers appeared and atomized the Phantom, before the Ghostbusters showed up, dazzling the crowd.

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  • The Phantom of the Opera is visually based on Lon Chaney's portrayal of the character in the 1925 silent film "The Phantom of the Opera."
  • There is a photo of the Phantom of the Opera on the front page of the newspaper Janine is reading on the Subscription Cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #1.


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