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Phillip Spade[2][3] is a ghost of a private detective that is trying to solve the case he died before solving. The Ghostbusters end up working with Spade to get save another ghost, Blackie.


In the 1940s, Phillip Spade was a private detective operating in New York City. He was hired to protect King Todd's Treasure, which was on loan to a museum.[4][5] As Blackie, a famous thief, hauled the treasure away, Spade followed and witnessed Blackie's transmogrification and disappearance. Ultimately, Spade never found the treasure and the case went unsolved.[6]

40 years later, in the 1980s, Spade returned to the physical plane as a ghost in search of Blackie. Upon seeing the transmogrified Blackie, Spade concluded he would need help and took an interest in the Ghostbusters. Admiring them for having the guts to confront Blackie, Spade tried to slip the team a few clues in vain. When that failed, he followed them underground and saved them. After explaining his story, Spade opted to distract Blackie while the Ghostbusters returned King Todd's treasure to the museum. After the curse was lifted and Blackie returned to normal, Spade appeared to him and both peacefully dispersed.


Phillip Spade has the personality of a stereotypical private detective of yesteryear. He is smart and fully aware that he is a ghost.


Phillip can pass through solid structures, fly, and teleport.


  • Phillip Spade is the name of the ghost/detective in this episode. His speech and clothing were taken from Humphrey Bogart's character, Sam Spade, in the 1941 film "The Maltese Falcon."
  • Phillip Spade's name is a reference to Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade, the quintessential characters of the private eye genre. Spade's voice-overs throughout the episode are reminiscent of that genre.


The Real Ghostbusters


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