The Pig Snouted Demon[2] was one of the ghosts eradicated by the Robo-Buster that later was merged into one big ghost along with the other ghosts Robo-Buster seemingly destroyed.


During a winter bust, Slimer and the Ghostbusters had a case on the 15th floor of a building. Following the sound of its laughter and trail of ectoplasmic residue, they tracked a pig snouted ghost to an elevator. It was confined by four Proton Streams and trapped. When the Ghostbusters arrived at headquarters, they met Paul Smart, Janine's latest date. The Ghostbusters are called away on another case and left Janine to dispose of the trap. Smart took advantage of the situation and stole the loaded trap, then took photographs of equipment specs. Three weeks later, Smart freed the ghost to demonstrate Robo-Buster's abilities. It later joined the other ghosts that formed the Spectral Mass, only to be captured with them as well.


During the bust, Egon declares it is "definitely a Class 5."[3]


The Pig Snouted Demon emitted a lot of slime, possessed very sharp mandibles, displayed super strength, and could scale the side of a building with ease.


  • It is worth noting that the "Pig Snouted Demon" name seems to not follow the series overall canon. One reason for that may have to do with the factor this was the only episode by Francis Moss, so he may not have known.
  • On page 19 of Ghostbusters Issue #14, the demon makes a non-canon cameo on a photo on the lower part of the board.


The Real Ghostbusters


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