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In Pigeon-Cooped, when Slimer saves a helpless baby pigeon being pursued by a hungry Manx he finds his troubles are only just beginning.[2]








Slimer, dressed up like a cowboy, settled down for an episode of "The Lone Stranger" and played with a lasso. The Lone Stranger was off to save a damsel in distress but the television lost reception. Slimer pounded on it furiously and flew into the wire. He headed up to the roof and saw Manx on the antenna about to grab a pigeon. Slimer saved the pigeon at the last minute and the weight shifted, launching Manx into the air. Manx tried to grab at the edge of the roof but the bricks came undone. Manx landed in a garbage can and the bricks followed. The pigeon kissed Slimer out of gratitude. However, Slimer soon noticed something was wrong with Pidgey. He didn't know how to fly.

Slimer decided to teach Pidgey how to fly. Pidgey fell on its attempt and Slimer saved him again. Pidgey teared up but Slimer reassured him it would be alright. Manx returned with a bow and plunger arsenal and shot at Pidgey. Manx eventually landed one and gloated. While Manx was distracted, Slimer took the plunger and affixed it to the flagpole. Manx pulled on the plunger and was launched across the city. Pidgey gave it a score of 9.6 but Slimer issued a 1.2. Manx soon returned with a glider and several fans. He floated up and grabbed Pidgey. Slimer and Manx got into a grabbing match. Slimer soon slipped Manx a 100 pound weight and he plummeted. Manx let the weight go but it crashed on the fans. The fans went out of control and created a vortex that carried Manx off. He passed through a jet engine and fell down into the city.

Slimer tied Pidgey to a balloon and set him off. Down below, Manx got out a blow dart and shot Pidgey's balloon. Pidgey fell to his certain doom. Slimer coached him and Pidgey finally flew on his own. However, Slimer landed in Manx's mouth. Manx spat Slimer out and ran away in disgust. Dressed up like a cowboy again, Slimer deputized Pidgey and they flew off into the sunset.


  • The episode was recorded on June 15, 1988.[3]
  • "The Lone Stranger" is based on the "The Lone Ranger" television series.

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