The Pillar of New York is a stone pillar said to hold up Manhattan Island above the ocean.


According to urban legend, the Pillar of New York holds up Manhattan Island and if that pillar were to break, Manhattan will sink into the Atlantic Ocean. Essentially, it is a giant gyroscope lubricated by an inorganic suspension with a high quotient of lubricity. This lubricant comes from an ethereal spring bubbling up from the Earth's core. Who or what made the Pillar is unknown. It is located somewhere below the sewer system and can only be accessed by a hole covered by special drainage plug.

During one summer, dozens of ghosts gathered at the Pillar of New York and blocked the flow of this lubricant. With the pillar destroyed, chaos would reign supreme. After two weeks, the act of sabotage led to earthquakes. The Ghostbusters decided not to investigate the earthquakes, which they thought were natural at the time. Ray Stantz believed in the old legend and investigated alone. He was cornered by the ghosts but Slimer rushed to tell the other Ghostbusters. They entered the sewers and chased off the ghosts then reopened the pathway. The lubricant flowed to the Pillar and restored it to normal. As luck would have it, the Ghostbusters got paid for stopping the earthquakes.



The Real Ghostbusters


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