Piper [1] is an ectoplasmic entity obsessed with playing a confidence game on its target and punishing them for not satisfying his terms.


Piper recently appeared when the Extreme Ghostbusters failed to stop the biggest infestation of "ghosts" in New York in recent times. The Component Parts Emanations terrorized Greenwich Village, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Times Square, and Rockefeller Plaza. Piper came to the Mayor's office and claimed to have the remarkable ability to soothe the savage ghosts with a special flute he had in his possession. Piper offered to literally play the ghosts out of town. Mayor McShane agreed to Piper's offer. When the job was complete, he wanted to renegotiate the terms of his contract with Mayor McShane and wanted a statue of himself erected in the middle of Fifth Avenue and his own office in City Hall. [2]

The politician refused and like the Pied Piper of legend, he used his flute to lure children to a remote area of Manhattan, a city dump near a bay, and planned to send every child to a watery grave. Garrett Miller taunted Piper into releasing the children and Roland Jackson realized his violin skills were crucial in defeating the entity. While Piper was distracted by Roland's disruptive harmonic frequencies, Garrett destroyed the pipe. Forced to release his emanations, Piper was completely vulnerable to attack and trapped.


Piper's powers is roughly similar to Ghash and shares the same physical attribute, a mouth-like stomach cavity. The ghosts released from this cavity are not real ghosts but mere emanations of his psychokinetic core, like spark plugs to an engine. Hence, the emanations are invulnerable to Proton Streams. However, releasing them makes the Piper weak enough to be captured.

The flute has unusual properties in that it can hypnotize children, manipulate weather, and psychokinetically manipulate garbage with a special harmonic frequency. The opposite effect of this frequency was displayed when Roland Jackson played his violin near Slimer. Piper was also weakened by the horrific frequency emitted from the violin playing of Roland.


Extreme Ghostbusters



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