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The Pirate Ghosts of Ellis Island are ghosts of pirates executed on Ellis Island. [1]


As the result of an overlap between two dimensions, there were several "cracks" to fill and resulted in a surge in spectral manifestations. Ellis Island became flooded with pirate ghosts. The Ghostbusters soon got a call. Jillian Holtzmann answered and took the job on both teams' behalf. Patty Tolan was sure they would be dealing with pirate ghosts since Ellis Island was once used as execution grounds for pirates. She was correct. Holtzmann readied her Proton Pistols and started dispersing the ghosts. Ray Stantz quickly stopped her then cited the First Law of Thermodynamics. He believed the dimensional tear would accelerate the P.K.E.'s reformation. She wasn't as worried as he was. The dispersed ghosts soon came together and formed a powerful single entity, Megaspook Jr., and immediately attacked the Ghostbusters. Over the course of the battle, several Pirate Ghosts spilled out of Jr. after taking blasts from a Proton Grenade and from the Proton Bazooka. Jr. was captured with the Megatrap, set to explode, and lowered into the dimensional tear. The controlled explosion sealed the breach and fully discorporated the entity.


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  2. Narrator (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters 101 #5" (2017) (Comic What Came Before page). Narrator says: "The Ghostbusters of two dimensions have come together at last, and joined together to take care of an infestation of poltergeists on historic Ellis Island, where Holtzmann learns that her habit of explosively dispersing ectoplasmic entities isn't the solution she always thought it was!"