The Plasm Distribution System (also known as PDS) [1] is an integrated part of the Proton Pack that is used to neutralize Black Slime and to make Plasmic Resonance objects movable.

Plasm Distribution System's Slime

The slime was sourced from a base culture of ectoplasm developed from materials discovered under the City a few years ago. The proto-culture was cross-strained with the original material and samples from various other ectoplasmic entities collected by the Ghostbusters. The ectoplasm lends optimal properties to the final product: a self-regenerating strain of ectoplasm.


Slime Blower


The Slimer Blower (aka The Slime Blower Mark II) acts exactly like the Mark I version of the Slime Blower from Ghostbusters II. During a cutscene that introduces the Slime Blower Mark II, Egon hints that Slimer's ectoplasm allows the weapon to have near unlimited ammunition. Its range, size, and the volume of green slime it sprays separate it from its predecessor.

The Plasm Distribution System is an integration of the Proton Pack that uses a self-regenerating strain of ectoplasm to impair entities, neutralize caustic Black Slime, and reveal otherwise invisible structures that reside on the ethereal plane.

With a long range and endless supply of regenerating positively charged slime, the Slime Blower is a great tool to disperse most corporeal entities. Better still, the depolarizing effect it has on Black Slime makes this the perfect device to disperse nearly all Black Slime creatures.

Slime Mine


Slime Mine is able to pressurize slime for long range launching. The glob of slime launched will explode leaving a large mass of slime in the blast radius.

An alternate function of the Plasm Distribution System is to propel a high-density destabilized globule of ectoplasm.

Like the Boson Dart, the Slime Mine is a highly concentrated projectile capable of causing major damage to Black Slime creatures. It's best used to disperse Black Slime that forms protective barriers or spawns other creatures, or to just blow away small Scuttlers. Like typical mines, though, you can drop these on the ground or on other places and allow foolish enemies to set them off as they approach. The Slime Mine is a required weapon to defeat the Black Slime Behemoth.





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