Plasmic Resonance is a term for objects that are permeable by ectoplasmic residue.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: None
  • Abilities: None

Tobin's Summary:

Certain objects that have come into contact with the paranormal or had some otherwise strong emotional resonance with someone will exhibit a high level of plasmic resonance. This results in an object that is especially permeable by ectoplasmic residue. Once the residue has touched such an object it bonds with the very fabric of the thing, and is nigh impossible to separate.

Egon's Notes:

Having done more work to tweak our Slime Blower technology, we can now tap into objects with plasmic resonance. This resonance also shows up under Paragoggle detection, helping us narrow down what will and will not bond with the slime. This attribute also applies to invisible objects we can bring across with green slime.

Ray's Tips:

Plasmic resonance is always fun! Coat the object with slime from the Slime Blower and then you can wrangle it or even slam it using the Capture Stream.

Supplemental Data

The art page can found in the Museum, during the "Boogers and Boogeywomen" section. It is in a crate next to an arcade machine in a storage area.

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