The Plasmic Strainer was designed to stabilize an Ecto Electromolecular Destabilizing Field in order to disintegrate ghosts.


The Plasmic Strainer is an invention of Egon Spengler. There was a breakthrough when Egon refocused the machine's cross-phased calameters to produce a triple didactic parallel overload. Upon completing it, Egon produced a large explosion. To finish the machine he needed to fine tune the hydro-photonic phalanges and get a new interositor. Before he could do this, Slimer flew into the machine.

Instead of disintegrating him, it destroyed Slimer's cohesive properties and he became molecularly dis-coordinated. Every time he hit a solid object he would replicate into two smaller Slimers. Each of these Slimers would feed off their surroundings in an attempt to grow to normal size. Egon reversed the poly-stratification of the machine making one tiny Slimer blue and attractive to the rest of the Slimers. They all combined to form a giant blue Slimer, which the Ghostbusters blasted back to normal size. The Plasmic Strainer was not used again.


The Real Ghostbusters


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